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“Hello Cougar” returns this week on

“Hello Cougar” returns this week on on Saturday April 29th at 11pm PT. Hosted by stand-up comedian and {48 year old cougar} Sally Mullins. “Hello Cougar” features Mullins, {herself a lifestyle cougar and professional comic}, who interviews a guy aged between 18 to 30 from Craigslist whom she’s had sex with prior to the live show. The interviews are extremely candid and while the content is raw explicit. and sometimes shocking, it more empowers than knocks the millennial’s with mommy issues, providing sex and dating advice to men from Sally and her the female guests. A man-pet in a gimp mask and a live in foxy bartender called Side bitch populate what is a 70’s inspired apartment set that pays homage Porn Valley

She also has hot female comedians  who do a short set and chat taboo topics uncensored, exclusive interviews with celebrities, rock stars, adult entertainers and much more’

The show returns after a brief hiatus which saw Sally perform for the troops and headline some of the biggest comedy clubs around the world, featuring her unique brand of Stand-Up and commentary on today’s most provocative subjects.

“I love traveling overseas to do stand-up, but I miss Valley culture.” says Sally, adding: “I’m an 818 girl all the way. Although Hello Cougar broadcasts live from DromeBox in Boyle Heights we highlight businesses in the San Fernando Valley, but don’t get me wrong- cougaring is a worldwide phenomenon. The actual sexual encounters go down in the West Valley but the guys travel from different area codes to experience an older woman. I hope I don’t disappoint. Some even Uber!”

Sally on the Show’s Appeal:

“The show appeals to male viewers but women have also felt inspired by the female comic guests and with me going after what I want.” explains Sally.“ adding: “Fans of all ages and genders should tune in at 11pm PT on Saturday nights and be sure to catch reruns later. We are hoping that by moving the show up an hour from last season we would appeal to East Coast fans that live too far away to have sex with me”.

She also appears twice a week at the World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.


“The whole network is looking forward to the return of Dromebox’s highest rated show and the absurdity of Sally’s Cougar life.” says Ashley Holdren, Executive Producer. “We can’t wait to hear what she will say next!”

Be sure to check out

.”Hello Cougar: is live every Saturday at 11pm and Valley Vixen is burning up the casual encounters section on Craigslist all week. SAFE SEX and NSA fun for all. Now in it’s second season, it’s time to meet all the new cubs who crawl to the cougar den in Winnetka, California. See you for Hello, Cougar, live on Saturday nights

Check out Sally’s sizzle reel here



Check out the special “comeback” video for the new season


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