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Helly Mae Hellfire Plays Lady Gaga- Interview

Interview with Helly Mae Hellfire
By Billy Watson of  (he has  A LOT of great interviews on his site, check them out!)

I Shoot Porn: Do you wanna talk about Eden Sinclair?

Helly Mae Hellfire: Nawwww. I feel a lot better now. Back then I was a flat-chested little thing. I did all the teen stuff and college girls blahblahblah.
ISP: And now you’re Helly Mae Hellfire.
HMH: Yep. I was in retirement, living by the beach in Redondo, and I started DJ’ing for fun. I wasn’t really doing anything else…except being a trophy wife. The DJ gigs led me to an offer to be in a band called Rocks Stars on Mars. I really think Charlie Sheen lifted that comment “I’m a rock star on Mars” from us. We were all like Wwwwhhhhatttt!?! We’d been going by that name since 2006.
ISP: What was your role in the band?
HMH: I was the DJ. It was almost like old White Zombie meets old Marilyn Manson with a bit of Ministry tossed in. Industrial metal.
ISP: How does that progress to porn?
HMH: Well, I was already getting fucked on camera as Eden Sinclair, and I liked the job. It’s a good job. Porn gives me the freedom to do creative things. Plus, it’s a good promotional tool.
ISP: How long have you been Helly Mae? And how did you invent the name?
HMH: I got back into the industry in January. It’s been really good so far. I starred as Lady Gaga for Hustler’s This Ain’t Lady Gaga XXX. It’s not out yet…it’ll be released this summer. As far as my name, the lead singer for Rocks Stars on Mars, London LeGrand, gave me the name Helly Mae Hellfire. It’s a spin-off of Ellie Mae from The Beverly Hillbillies…cause Rocks Stars on Mars were redneck hillbilly vampires.
ISP: What did they having you do as Lady Gaga?
HMH: They recreated a couple of her videos — “Telephone” was one of them — and we did the Larry King interview.
ISP: Did you have to fuck Larry King?
HMH: Yea! Scott Lyons played Larry. They aged him with make-up. He looked just like Larry King. They did some really cool stuff with him. Ron Jeremy was in it as well.
ISP: Where did Larry King launch his load?
MHM: On my sunglasses! I was wearing them through the whole scene and he blew on them! That happened twice in the movie.


ISP: What else you wanna talk about?
HMH: I’m gonna be pushing my own solo-DJ’ing. I DJ Electro House and Dub Step. You can check my sets over at Soundcloud.
ISP: Are you a Tweeter?
HMH: I am a Tweeter!
ISP: How can I incorporate a joke about woofers?
HMH: Like a sub-woofer?
ISP: Exactly. I don’t think there are any woofer jokes. If I was gonna take you out for a nice dinner, with the hopes of getting in your undies later, what’s my sure-fire dinner?
HMH: Damn. I’m such a simple girl. In-and-Out Burger. I loovvveee In-and-Out! I don’t like to waste time on food. I wanna cut to the chase.
ISP: How do you take your burger?
HMH: Protein style! With fries and a Diet Coke! I’m an all-American girl from Canada.
ISP: You are?
HMH: Yep. I’m from Toronto.
ISP: Go Maple Leafs?
HMH: I was cheering for The Canucks in the last playoffs. They lost. Game 7. Then, the riot.
ISP: What’s the better gig — an all-interracial gang bang or a 30 minute set at EDC?
HMH: I’d say an all-interracial gang bang at EDC! Yes, I have fucked behind the DJ booth.
ISP: Please elaborate.
HMH: I dunno. The mood struck me. I was at a rave. There was about 10,000 people in the audience. Um…this ahhh…I dunno. There was this cute little raver boy…and, uh, and he asked to come in to my booth. I did…on the condition he go down on me while I spun. He finger-fucked me while he ate my pussy. And after my set I kicked him out. (Laughs). Thanks! Your job is done!
ISP: What’s the best ingredient on pizza?
HMH: Pineapple. It makes my pussy taste great afterwards.
ISP: When’s the last last time you ate some Pineapple Pizza?
HMH: Last night.
ISP: Time to test out your theory! Let me show you to the private area in my studio…where all the magic happens.
HMH: Ha-ha. (How can I intonate the sarcasm in her lovely voice here?)

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