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Help Kayla-Jane Danger Recover from Hurricane Maria

Kayla-Jane Danger, fetish producer, renowned goddess/dom, and creator of, has been one of the many affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Her friend, Jenna J. Ross, has started a fundraising effort to help Kayla recover from the losses sustained from the historic storm.

Kayla-Jane Danger

In 2016, Kayla and her husband, Rich, moved to the island of Dominica to start an eco-retreat, restaurant, and dive shop. On September 18th, Hurricane Maria hit the island, ravishing the Glenvilla/Portsmouth area that Kayla calls her home. The island sat under one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded and sustained catastrophic damage. Taking refuge in their bathroom with their two cats, Kayla and Rich emerged to find their home destroyed, along with all of their belongings. One of their cats, Dexter, received an injury to his leg, and is in need of urgent veterinary care.


In the immediate aftermath, Kayla and Rich put aside their losses, sharing their remaining food and supplies with their neighbors and community. They started a fundraising effort, to help their community before thinking of themselves and their own needs.

All funds raised will go towards personal needs, including food, water, clothing, work boots and protective eye wear, cat food, blankets, furniture, tools to rebuild their home and community. Chartering one boat to deliver these much needed supplies will cost $2,700, making it difficult for the largely destroyed island to recover.

Kayla and Rich have been forced to close their restaurant, and all plans for their dive shop/eco retreat are on hold indefinitely. After purchasing & clearing land to build their home on, the entire process must now be started over, costing another $5,000. Any and all donations to this cause will be used to help restart their lives, as well as to rebuild the community they love. Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps Kayla, Rich, and their community. This tiny island will be forever grateful for the kindness and love shown to them as they try to rebuild their lives & community.

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