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Help Melissa Hill Reach Her Goal

Someone who hates my guts asked me to post this is a favor.  I obliged because I’m a swell guy 


For several years the woman, advocate, retired actress, podcast host and friend to many, known as Melissa Hill, has brought awareness to a multitude of charities and causes.  In addition, Melissa has been known to aggressively fund raise for victims of abuse and/or those who have simply fallen on hard times.
Melissa’s efforts to create a safer, more professional & more ethical workplace environment for her peers within the American adult entertainment industry have helped to manifest incredible change for the better – for example, it was Melissa’s countless hours of unpaid work that led to the Adult Performers Actor’s Guild Union becoming the driving force it is today ( though she has stepped down as an officer ).
In addition, Melissa Hill founded the online resources Performers Unite and the Adult Industry Support Group.  Both resources embody elements that individuals within the industry quietly utilize & rely upon.
Melissa Hill is one of those rare gems who gives so much of herself to help others that she often fails to realize when she could use a bit of a helping hand herself (which is why this fundraiser has been launched on her behalf).
Melissa Hill as of today is in need of assistance for the cost of a lease on a residential studio in the Southern California area. In addition, Melissa needs resources to accomplish her relocation properly & safely.
If you are able to help Melissa achieve her goals, it would be greatly appreciated.
Melissa Hill can be reached via Twitter @MEIHILL_RAWTALK and @MelissaHill_3x
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