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Her Exit Interview-Satine Phoenix Retires-Exclusive

Satine now only wants one man between her sheets

Interview by Jon

Photos by Rick Garcia

Satine Phoenix, one of the performers in the AVN award winning video, Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex, has decided to retire from porn. She’s done everything in her short time in the industry from interacial to fetish. Lovers of girl/girl porn will know her for the hot scenes she did for Girlfriends Films and Triangle Films. Nica Noelle ,director for Sweetheart Video, called Satine her muse. Satine showcased her talents in two videos. Her scene with Mina Meow in The Lesbian Adventures of Satine Phoenix is reckoned by fans to be one ot the best ever lesbian sex scenes. She always gave 100%  in her scenes and will be sadly missed by her fans. I decided to find out why she’d taken the decision to retire after only 4 years in the industry.


Was it a difficult decision to make and how long did it take to make?
It was not a difficult decision since I’m in the stage of my life where I want to start a family and that is what is most important to me. I happened to find the perfect guy for me who also wants to start a family. What luck! The transition was harder than the decision. Going from making 6 figures a year to ZERO $ was very hard. But I’ve been getting regular paying art gigs so I’m not hurting.

Why did you decide to retire  and is the decision definitive?
Again, it was because I found the love of my life and I’m done with doing porn. I’m in the next stage of my life which is comic books and art now. I can’t go back to doing porn. He doesn’t want me to and I don’t want to raise a family while doing porn. I can’t do porn forever anyway. Who can really?

What’s the reaction been in the industry and from your fans?
Everyone has been really supportive wishing me luck and buying my art!

What are your best and worst memories of working in porn?
The best thing about being in porn is all the amazing people I met. Such strong hearts and beautiful souls. The ones that stick around after I’m not working with them are true friends. The worst memories are all the shitty people in porn. There are TONS.. To all the shitty people (you know who you are.) Good Riddens!

Is there something you would have liked to have done that you didn’t do before taking the decision to retire?
No. I fulfilled all of my fantasies.

Is there anything you will miss?
I’m an exhibitionist so I miss the camera and doing sexy things in front of a camera so i’m going to get my boyfriend to start making home movies so I can feel that again.

What is your last performance and when will it take place? How do you think you’ll feel?
My last porny thing was hosting the Ultimate After Party in Vegas during AVN. it was my retirement party. It was really fun and I brought my boyfriend who had never been to that kind of party before. It was nice. When no one is doing anything I often pressure myself into making the party wild by doing wild things. It was refreshing to sit back… but watching makes me feel… OLD. bleh. I know I’m not old, but I have aged in porn years. Porn years are kind of like dog years, yea? For every year you’re in porn you age 4 years. (instead of 7)

Nica Noell called you her muse. What’s she going to do now that her muse is retiring?
I love Nica dearly and the great thing about her is that she has developed this skill where she can come up with an amazing script based around people she is very fond of. I loved being her muse but Nica has evolved into this super Director. I like to think that maybe my musing was just musing her into fully developing that new skill. I don’t know… When ever I hear about how I’m her muse I get all fluttery and don’t know what to say. One of my favorite things about porn is how Nica looked at me after filming a scene. The look in her eyes. We beam for each other… there’s no doubt about it.

What are you going to be doing after retirement? Are there any exhibitions etc coming up?
Oh man so many things going on. Tshirts.. paintings… reality show… comic books… you’ll have to keep up with me on I’d love to hear from everyone even though I’m not doing porn i still enjoy being entertaining. ?

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