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Her Holiness Of Sin City features an interview with Heather Veitch (formerly of

Does your appearance present any problems?

I am solicited for sex daily. I’ll walk down the street, or walk by someone in a club and people will make me offers. They’ll just say, “$3000.” People take me on plane rides, I go to Prince concerts. This town offers me everything all the time. I have rich men and celebrities hitting on me—I’ve had celebrities hit on me that I would have died to be with before. I was their biggest fan—then. But now I’m here for the strippers.

So how do you deal with unwanted advances?

My biggest line is “Heck, no!” As a stripper, you have to shake it off, but act like you might go for it. Now, when men ask me what it’s gonna take, I say “You need to start praying for a miracle, ‘cause I guarantee you it’s not gonna happen.”


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