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Here’s Eli’s side of the Joel Lawrence/Goldstar Modeling Deal

NL-A lot of rumors are running around about Joel Lawrence, Goldstar Modeling & Eli Thomas, but the only side being heard from was Joel’s. So I wrote to Eli and asked him to address the situation and tell his side of the story. Here is what he had to say-

OP/ED by Eli Thomas

I am not usually one to respond to these kinds of accusations and rumors.  However, I do feel it’s time that I make a statement.

First, Joel and I clearly have a dispute on who owes how much to who.  I have made many requests to get accurate documentation.  He has not responded to any of my attempts.

Joel and I have a letter of intent that he was to acquire my company once my assets were no longer encumbered by a previous investor.

Since September 1st of 2008, I was an independent contractor doing working on behalf of Goldstar Modeling, Inc. So, to say I “ruined his business” is a bit of a stretch.  If Goldstar is in trouble, it has little if anythingto do with me.

As part of the letter of intent, we outlined the splits in revenue and how much he was going to buy my company for once I had paid off my previous investor.

Joel came to me on August 3rd with an amount of money that I owed him that is absolutely ridiculous. I know how much money I owe him and I know how much money he owes me.  The numbers are off by $21,000. I have a complete set of books for the year.  He has a few numbers on the back of a napkin. I’ve told him several times that I would like a full financial assessment
of our business over the year and every time he gets hostile, angry and threatens me in some way.

I will not dispute that there is some money owed to Joel.  However, anyone who has done business with Joel knows that his accounting methods and procedures are not the greatest. Producers & talent get billed for shoots that were canceled or never happened, talent never see payroll checks for months (abuse of the POA). Ashley Jenson was paid a check from Fisher Studios in April of last year. The check was cashed. But, she didn’ receive the check until the issue was pushed about 2 weeks ago and then they said that she owed money totaling exactly what the check was worth.

When Joel first arrived in Florida on August 1st he started desperately  collecting money from talent that owed my company money (Not Goldstar). Since I am an independent contractor the money should be collected by me, not Joel. This made it difficult for me to make payroll. Joel made a very
good case to my under informed staff that I was screwing with the money.  Then he did the clever thing and told my staff of two (2) that he willcollect money from the girls and pay them. Like he’s saving the day.  This is money owed to my company anyway. Needless to say, staff was confused
and didn’t know who to believe.

On August 7, 2009 Joel made sure I was not home and along with the help of some of some of my staff stormed into my personal residence, taking almost everything.  All my company assess that he could get his hands on, as well as many personal belongings.  The girls that were present all said it felt like my house was being raided.  They were rushed to pack all their belonging and pushed out the door.

Again, Joel and I clearly have a dispute on the numbers.  I have made many requests to work out the situation. All he’s saying is that he is going to sue me for the money.  I encourage him to sue me for the money he “THINKS” I owe him.  However, he’ll need to come to the table with a little more
than a few numbers on a napkin.

Meanwhile, he is being charged with theft, along with the individuals that helped him remove my belongings.  I’ve attached a letter that was sent to Joel and is attorney requesting the return my belongings.  I have notreceived a response from Joel on this matter at this time.

P.S. The situation with Josh from Cleveland hts, Ohio was resolve 2 1/2 years ago.


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