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Hey Everybody! Are you listening?

Gotta say thank you to all the PR people, the stars and the companies that have helped me out along with themselves, by sending stories, interviews, etc. YES! I will post that stuff that’s not a press release. If you send me original material that is interesting to readers and fans has some G rated pictures and I’ll even link you with the one link thats important!

If you would like to have your stuff on here, get to work with some original content. Yep it’s worth it. We have amazing traffic and high rankings and the link back that i give you is golden. Need more info? send an email [email protected]

Want an ad? those boxes on the right side are $150 a month. I’ll give you a good deal for six months at a time.

I gotta say that there are times when I feel all alone, and that no one cares about LIB. I am very thank full for Kelli for her support. I want to thank Lucky for always caring and being there.

I have found that there are people that are great to me, but many more people, who I thought were my friends, that haven’t sent a word, or an email.

In actuallity, here is my status- I am sick. It has been almost a year now. I am better than I was. July of last year I was incapasitated. It is now June I am better, but no where near all better. I would say I am 50% better, but I have a long way to go.

Does anyone care? I don’t know that answer to that.

I will say that some PR companies have sent interviews with their stars to help me out with content, and that is so appreciated. Thank you guys. I know who cares, and who is supporting me, and who has a brain, cuz dam it, this is Lukeisback. Ya want a few thousand people to read about you? ?

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