Hi-Tech Sex Toys for the Holidays

Hi Tech Sex Toys for the Holidays

If you thought jacking off to porn on your smart phone was the closest you were getting to sex and technology then let me tell you that you’re very wrong. The porn industry has always had “a hand” in using technology and bringing advancements further. With that in mind, I present to you some high-tech sex toys for the holidays. You won’t be able to wait to get your hands on these… or other body parts.


This is how you can have sex in long distance relationships. The Kiiro represents the birth of teledildonics and helps share sensations over your Wi-Fi connection. Women get a touch sensitive vibrator and men get a toy designed similarly for them…in this case, a Fleshlight stroker. The speed, sensitivity and depth at which women touch themselves is digitally recorded and programmed into the males sex toy so that they can feel the same arousal from far away. Don’t worry if you’re feeling lonely you can also program it to sync with some of your favorite porn videos.

Kiiro - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

The Gaga

For all you gyno porn lovers and your girlfriends. This is a vibrator that has a built in camera on the end. You can watch what is going on inside a females vaginas as she pleasures herself. Better yet, make this technology even crazier and more satisfying by controlling it with your smart phone.

The Gaga - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide


Hello guybrator. No hands here. You just stick your dick in and it vibrates the right way to give you all the pleasure that you want. Who even needs human contact when this baby exists? This is a perfect holiday gift for the guy who has everything and is good for couples too! When it comes to hands-free fun this is the best!


This nifty toy allows you to connect a fleshlight to your iPad so that it looks like you’re fucking girls on the screen. You can look up videos online or do it real life with someone on the other end of the camera. Of course all I would be able to think is that somebody has an extreme iPad fetish. Kind of a weird one but a fun way to enjoy a long-distance connection or bring your XXX viewing to the next level. The video commercial for the LaunchPad is priceless!

Real Doll

Real Doll is the infamous brand of ultra-realistic sex dolls that are becoming more interactive all the time. . That’s right, new developments mean updated versions of this doll line are fully equipped to respond to you – her hips move, her fingers move and she speaks. If you’re going to go through this much to fuck a robot that looks like a real woman you  might be better off finding a sex partner… especially when it’s valued at $5000 on the other hand though you don’t have to worry about STIs and pregnancy. No matter if you get the Real Doll classic or her more advanced counterparts, each are highly customizable to get that girl of your dreams.

Real Doll - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

The best part of all of these great sex toy ideas is that each can be used to enjoy our huge library of porn videos and more! Get into the festive season and make your Holidays even more satisfying. Be sure to come back and test-drive your new purchase with our HD porn videos and video channels premium content.

It’s amazing how much the world is changing and advancing. What are you going to ask for this Christmas? Will you be on Santa’s naughty list? Share what sex toys you want stuffed in your stocking this year. Tell us in the comments below or let us know on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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