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Hillary Clinton’s Intern Has An X-Rated Job Now!

NL- Wonder if Sammie ever got to meet Bill? lol


Hillary Clinton’s Porn Star Intern — Straight-A Student

Hillary Clinton’s intern-turned-porn star really put her head down in college — because TMZ has learned, she got nothing but A’s … and her teachers LOVED her. 

To prove it … TMZ has obtained TWO separate letters of recommendation — written by Sammie Spades’ old profs at Niagara County Community College back in 2006 … when the adult film star was applying for an intern position at Hillary’s office in New York.

Each letter RAVES about the adult film star’s straight-A record — but one was especially flattering, calling her work “outstanding” … and claiming the XXX actress could easily excel at most universities.

The letter continues, “More impressively, however, I believe that [Sammie’s] professionalism, dependability, and drive to improve will assure her success.”

“Her writing speaks for itself; she could be an able English, Journalism, or Pre-law major, depending on where her interests take her.”

And we all know where her interests took her.

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