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HIV Positive At AIM?

NL-Yes, but just to cover my ass, I have to say this is a rumor. BUT i am personally convinced and believe I have confirmed this to be true. There is a HIV positive test done at AIM. They are trying to get all the info together and will be putting out a statement about it soon. At this time I can’t confirm that it is a porn star who tested positive. But since it was mentioned that the statement they do write up was for AVN, I can surmise that it is. The other rumor is that it is from a Male. I don’t know sexual orientation.

That’s all i got. i am sure there will be lots more to come. But I am not making any guesses, or putting out anything floating around on Twitter. This is enough for everyone to be EXTRA CAREFUL!


I did not get my info from Joe Know, but I would like to talk to him since looks like he had it same time I did. Joe, can you email me? I have your IP address so I can check & make sure it is you, not someone pretending to be you.  [email protected]

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