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HIV Rumors Rebuked- Tom Moore-UPDATE

There is so much gossip whirling around. I am doing my best to keep on top of it all (had 200 e-mails today on the topic),

So while I am trying to tell you what I am finding out without causing too much harm to those involved, I think I also need to tell you FALSEHOODS that need to be corrected.

This puts me in an awkward position. Telling you someone DOESN’T have something or WASN’T involved in something, still puts them in this HIV spotlight. So I have to choose my words and names carefully.

But since I see something going around quite a bit that I have seen with my own eyes to be untrue, I have to set the record straight.

I have FIRST HAND Knowledge that Tom Moore has a current CLEAN AIM TEST.


If there is anyone else who WANTS me to post them as having a current clean AIM test contact me and I will confirm your identity and your test and put up a post.

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