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HIV Scare is Over-Update

thank you J

I have been told that the FSC sent out an email stating that the Talent that tested positive, has now tested negative. The moratorium is over and shooting can resume. I have not seen the email yet. I will post it here when I do.

I asked Michael if he could confirm this for me (since he has some “insider” status, lol)

Michael Whiteacre says

“The Associated Press reports that Patient Alpha has now tested negative in the latest round of confirmatory testing. However, the question remains whether it is legally and medically sound to DEFINITIVELY declare the patient HIV negative as of yet.

According to what I’ve been reading, most experts (including those at the CDC) recognize that it can take 30 to 90 days before one can make a definitive determination.

That’s why this quote from Weinstein’s latest self-serving press release is so frustrating:

“Why is any ‘investigation’ needed, when two rapid tests that would take 40 minutes, are sufficient to determine if someone is positive?”

This jackass — the president of the largest global AIDS organization, with clinics and testing sites in Florida (where this case reportedly occurred) — is obviously ignorant of the fact that in the state of Florida, NO ONE is deemed POSITIVE until the results of the confirmatory test come back. In fact, clinics are not permitted by the state to tell any one they are positive until the tests come back from the State. What people are told is that they are “reactive” even in AHF’s own clinics and testing sites, not positive.

Not only doesn’t Michael Weinstein understand testing, he doesn’t even know his own protocols. What a douche.

However, the FSC’s update makes it clear that the first and second generation people have been identified and contacted, and that testing has commenced, so it is appropriate to recommence production. “

 Diane Duke Says in an AP news story-
“The industry will be abundantly cautious as we try to nail down the reasons for what now appears to have been a false positive result on a previous test,”

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