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HIV+ story started as a rumor on GFY by Ninavain

This is a compilation of posts by Ninavain on GFY. I believe she was the one who actually broke the HIV story and deserves the credit. I have taken out any initials in the story.  What she has written has to be taken as just her opinion, although you might want to go read all the rude posts made back to her, mostly by Peter Romero, before this story was confirmed.

Thursday ( Milf gets test) AIM says she’s clean
FRI Milf shoots b/g scene then later that evening shoots another scene
SAT 1st male shoots gangbang, male’s girlfriend shoots b/g/g
MON AIM calls MILF and 1st male, tells him they made mistake.

All hell is about to break loose, even if he comes up negative now, what about 2 months from now? AIM is paying for his tests but for some odd reason, waiting to contact the second line of ppl they worked with and IM sure those ppl are working this week..NOT COOL
the couple is freaking out, it’s no laughing matter
UPDATE: MILF is 42, no kids, swinger, great body, brownish red hair.. male didn’t remember her stage name
I’m talking to two young people, about to get married, they are crying their eyes out and how come AIM would PAY for the male to get tested for FREE every 2 weeks
Of course they will tell you that.

I know WHO shot the scene and the MILF use to be his girlfriend, initials ###
that’s all im saying, good luck out there.
I wouldn’t come on here with some B. S. if I wasn’t talking to the girlfriend of male #1. They are praying his test come back NEG. but the Milf worked with others this weekend, she is positive that’s a fact.
I agree, if this turns out to be bullshit, ban me for life. I called the girlfriend of male #1, to shoot today. SHe is broke and needed the shoot, but had to tell me what is happening and her BF is waiting for his follow up tests ( FREE from AIM) I also guess AIM is a charity and gives out free tests. They told him MILF is positive and he needs to test every 2 weeks.

Girlfriend is mad because her tests ar NOT free.

I hope to god Im wrong and feel free to ban me if I stepped out of line to give a heads up since AIM isn’t speaking up too quick. They need to respond
it wasn’t a set up shoot, I contacted her to see if she needed extra money for some scenes we had today, She could have said, I’m BUSY today..but this is the story she gave me in tears
Hoping A.I.M. gets in here and pulls the plug, as far as I see it..the 2nd tier people are working.
That’s why I want AIM to come in and clear things UP. THey can feel free to try and sue my ass. I’m here to ask 2 questions

1. DID a model test clean, then test Positive for HIV?
2. DID you contact others to inform them of this information and ask for the other party to get tested ( test due tomorrow afternoon)

so if the answers are NO to both, then this young crying couple is crazy as fuck and I’m stupid to believe them and dumber for bringing on here. I will post my pass word to this board and walk away forever.

NL-Ninavain- IMHO you were right to post this, and I thank you for spreading the word. If not for you, would this story have come out?

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