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HIV Tests Are Fake?

NL- This is several emails pieced together from someone who DOES KNOW about HIV testing. I trust their judgment implicitly. They asked that they not be named, but have given me truthful guidance on this exact subject many times.


“I have seen the supposed HIV positive tests of Donnly Long and Mercedes Ashely.  They are both fakes, and of that I am 100% positive.   There are four glaring things that I can see that assure me that both of these are fakes. 

I will not disclose what these are because I do not want to help anyone in the future by pointing out these things that could be corrected the next time someon tries to forge a test, but I guarantee you both of these are fakes, very bad fakes.

 I do not want to give anyone any more information on why I know they are fake,  i would not want to help anyone in the future to create a ‘better’ forgery but here is ‘one’ thing i see on these fake results.

They use the word POSITVE in the result field.   The word positive is not used on these tests. It should read  “DETECTED”     That is jut one of the several things on these fake tests that I can see right away. “

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