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Hollie Stevens- There’s Good News & Bad News-UPDATE

UPDATE- More bad news….

A friend of Hollie’s writes-

On Friday, we were told that Hollie may not have ‘up to 3 months’ as hoped.

Hollie is being made as comfortable as possible while she is still in the hospital. her goal after a conversation with with her Oncology and Medical team is for her to be able to be released by Tuesday or as soon as possible this week to her apartment where she will begin to receive Hospice Care.

We have had a number of people who have expressed an interest in how to help. presently, there are a few ways. anyone is welcome to email me directly to [email protected] or to [email protected]


Now on to something important…  First the good news-

On Sunday June 10th, Hollie Stevens married Comedian Eric Cash. They had a small ceremony in a hospital meeting room near her hospital room. They will be having a reception and ceremony for their friends and family very soon, as soon as Hollie gets out of the hospital.

I’m afraid the bad news is pretty bad…

In March of 2011, Hollie Stevens was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. after several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, she had a mastectomy at 29 in August 2011.

Hollie was told within a matter of weeks that the cancer had spread to her bone, then this year, to her rib and liver. Shortly after she turned 30 in January of this year, she was informed the cancer was now at stage 4 .

Monday, June 4th, Hollie was taken to ER in San Francisco  was admitted and initially treated for severe dehydration due to the chemotherapy and 2 blood clots [one in her right upper arm and the other, in her jugular]. 4 days later, multiple tests confirmed what we feared: Hollie now has active cancer cells around and in her brain. Hollie has been given, in the words of her team of Doctor’s, ‘…a few weeks to 3 months…’ to live.

Hollie’s arm while getting a blood transfusion

Presently, Hollie is receiving pain management and has began radiation on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 to help reduce the migraine-like headaches the cancer has caused.

There will be fundraisers going on, so keep an eye on twitter. Hollie Tweets and writes about her journey also. Follow her on twitter @HollieStevens  and read her blog


Wish you the best Hollie & Eric,  Miracles do happen…


 Only positive comments on this story please guys. Hollie needs our support


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