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Hollie Stevens to have a Mastectomy

This is round 2 of fundraising for adult performer Hollie Stevens, as she battles breast cancer.
Hollie just finished her last chemo treatment, and the process of radiation and a mastectomy are the next hurdles she’s going to have to overcome.
Round 2 of fundraising starts NOW.
While Hollie managed to continue to work a bit at during her chemo treatments, she’s going to have to take time off for her surgery and recovery time. Unfortunately her insurance is not able to cover basic living expenses in addition to treatment.
The process of reconstruction is still being sorted out as well.
In addition to financial contributions, we’re asking that over the next few months you be vocally supportive and loving of her. She’s tough, but she’s human, and secretly she’s also scared.
A mastectomy & reconstructive surgery is a hard event for any woman, but for someone who’s livelihood has been closely tied to how they look, it has added layers of ramifications. So please remind her she’s beautiful, & sexy, inside and out, as often as you can to keep her morale up as she tackles this obstacle. It will help keep her regain her health.
Thank you for Loving Hollie Stevens as much as we do.

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