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Holly Randall Burglarized

She writes on XPT:

They stole a bunch of my jewelry– nothing worth anything though, thank god. They did steal my Mac studio laptop with several photoshoots on it (fortunately I backed them up on the studio hard drive). Nothing that’s not replaceable– I just hate the idea of a stranger going through my house (and my underwear drawer). Well forensics came by last night, and they were very excited because the thief left very clear handprints on the outside of the window he opened, and perfect fingerprints were pulled off of it. If this guy has any priors (which is likely) then we’ll be able to nail him easily. I did just realize this morning that the tapes from the video that day were in the laptop bag, so I lost the Rebeca Linares/Justin Magnum scene, which was phenomenal.

Yes they did come to my house– noticed my Hustler mags laying around, so I explained what I do. They then asked for my website address. It would be funny if I got a new member out of this.


I’ve got some of Holly’s undies and jewelry to sell. Email Luke.

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