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Holly Randall – Curious Pervert

She writes for XBiz:

I find it totally impossible to relax; even when I’m not working my head is spinning with plans for the next day, or worries about yesterday’s shoot. So, once a month or so, I check myself into an authentic Korean spa for a few hours. Now when I say authentic, I really mean authentic. The only English-speaking members of the staff work at the front desk, so if you don’t specify what you want in your treatment beforehand, good luck playing charades with your massage therapist later. And there are no clothes allowed in the wet area — meaning that those with any modesty had better drop it, along with their robes, at the door. Slipping into a hot tub filled with some kind of tea-like liquid that is meant to flush out impurities and boost the immune system, I let my mind go blank and my worries drift away.

Well, at least that’s what I’m supposed to do. I find that my eyelids continue to flutter open, stealing glances at the naked bodies that pass me by, on their way to the showers, the sauna or the body scrub service area. And perhaps because my eye is trained to evaluate the naked female form, or perhaps just because I’m a curious pervert, I find myself looking at these random women up and down. Young women, old women, fat women, skinny women — white, black and of course, Korean women. And for the most part, I’m repulsed by what I see…

Fred writes: “The vast majority of human beings look better clothed than unclothed.”

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