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Holly Randall Got Married! Pictures of the happy couple

I am so happy, because she is so happy! Holly is English btw, her parents are English and she just married an English guy! (And he’s cute, and has nice teeth). I talked to Holly she sent me pictures and here is what she had to say-

“Yes I got married last week. It was a spur of the moment decision and
totally unlike me which made it very romantic! It was a simple civil
ceremony at the Ventura courthouse– Aria Giovanni was witness, and
afterward we all had lunch in lovely downtown Ventura. That night my
parents took us out to dinner. It was very quiet and simple, just how I
like it. We are planning on having a big to-do this time next year though,
so all of our friends and family can witness it.

“I’m very happy and he’s a wonderful guy. We feel so comfortable together
and even my closest friends say that we act like we have been together for
much longer than we have. Everybody who meets him loves him and he always
puts me first, which is so rare. He’s really good for me: he brings me
back down to earth when I’m freaking out and he won’t let me work 15 hour
days. And because he’s British he has good table manners! Hallelujah! And
perhaps most of all, I know he’ll make an amazing father someday. I feel
very blessed!”


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