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Holly Randall Sends Her Dog To Rehab

HollyRandall: i have some news
Luke: you’re pregnant?
HollyRandall: haha no, that would be impossible
Luke: found jesus
HollyRandall: No. I’m afraid that i am forced to send a mutual friend of ours to rehab
Luke: poe?
HollyRandall: hahahaha, how did you know?
HollyRandall: he’s just been a bit of a problem for a while
HollyRandall: like me, i choose to check him in before he hits that bottom
HollyRandall: he went after some delivery guys HollyRandall: but he’s always needed some good training and discipline and now is the time to do it BEFORE he bites someone
Luke: my prayers are with you and yours
HollyRandall: this is a very traumatic time for me but i have put much thought into this and we are all praying for Poe’s recovery — it’s the disease, it’s not him
Luke: what else is new?
HollyRandall: i shot Nikki Kane’s first b/g yesterday– stills only
HollyRandall: i didn’t even realize it was her first until she told me when she was in the makeup chair
HollyRandall: she filled in for a last minute cancellation, so it wasn’t exactly planned

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