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Holly Randall’s Glamorous Life Featured Tonight On TV Show ‘The Insider’

7:30 p.m. in Los Angeles on Channel 2.

According to “The Insider is a big staple of American celebrity news and gossip. Hosted by news veteran Pat O’Brien The Insider takes a light look at things such as celebrity gossip, baby rumors and secret weddings. When something big is happening in the glamorous life of celebrities you’ll be the first to know when watching The Insider.”

Holly Randall writes on XPT: “It was funny they tried to play the angle that we were shooting porn illegally in our backyard, and what do the neighbors think? Our “backyard” is a 30 acre ranch, and our nearest neighbor is about a mile’s drive away. Actually, with the new McMansions they built the road below us, make that 1/2 a mile. We shoot almost all our hardcore in the studio, we don’t shoot it at the ranch– that’s reserved for mostly single girl and g/g stills.”

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