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HoloGirlsVR Announces Special Sale of Virtual Reality Content

Utherverse Digital’s HoloFilm Productions, the award-winning producer of adult’s leading Virtual Reality (VR) content, is offering licensing deals on its million dollar library.

“We are hearing more and more complaints from leading membership web sites that their paying members are leaving to join VR porn sites. While this has been great for our own VR pay sites, we want to ensure that the rest of the industry doesn’t miss out on this huge change in consumer buying patterns,” said director/writer Anna Lee, who also serves as Executive Producer and President of HoloFilm Productions-Utherverse Digital Inc.

“There is a lot of low-quality VR content out there, and we don’t want this to be a user’s first experience. We decided that we could help the industry and the consumer by offering some exceptional licensing deals on our existing, top-quality VR library.”

With over one million dollars’ worth of VR content shot so far since its launch, HoloFilm’s is presently eyeing new deals with potential clients, and the first five companies to come on board will receive a special discounted rate.

The HoloGirlsVR deal will also offer its customers the opportunity to choose packages from over 150 scenes in all major adult niches with porn’s top stars, with 2D HD bonus versions of each scene.

HoloFilm Productions and its HoloGirls take imagination into reality with its advanced camera system, shot in 220 degrees in 3D with binaural sound and its NoSick™ anti-motion sickness technology, creating a true-to-life VR experience.

To find out more about this unique content deal with HoloFilm/HoloGirlsVR, contact
[email protected]

To learn more about HoloGirlsVR and its membership opportunities, go to and For assistance, visit


HoloFilm Productions is a leading-edge Virtual Reality entertainment production and post-production company, specializing in creating the perfect VR Experience. With a production facility in Vancouver, British Columbia, HoloFilm Productions is an all-in-one solution for Virtual Reality production with the ability to produce a wide range of content that all feature NoSick™ Technology.


Utherverse Digital Inc. is a developer of an exclusive multi-user Virtual Reality social networking profile site, an entirely new way of social and digital communication and real-time human interaction. The company creates virtual communities that include live entertainment, online dating, charitable events, business opportunities and education. Utherverse continues to push the envelope in Virtual Reality, which includes operating a VR Portal through which customers have the ability to access adult VR companies, which include HoloGirlsVR, KinkVR and BurningAngel VR.

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