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Holy Hottie

Pastor Mike Foster blogs:

Last night a small group of us screened a new documentary coming out soon on the JCS Girls. It is a film by Bill Day who is a good friend and an amazing filmaker. His specialty is activism and is incredibly gifted at telling the story of struggle, success and everything in between.

His new film on the JCS Girls blew me away and I gaurantee this film will get some people talking. It is provacative, powerful, and downright inspirational as the JCS Girls try and love girls who are caught up in the sex industry.

Now I should say I am a little biased because I am a huge fan of Heather and Lori and what they do through their ministry. I’m priveleged to call them friends and really believe in what they are doing. I had heard a lot of their story but this film just rocked my world when I saw their journey first hand.

I was deeply moved by their passion for helping strippers and how they persevered under much scrutiny and intense criticism. And I mean INTENSE criticism. Their are clear “good guys” and “bad guys” in the film.

Another hero in the documentary is Matt Brown from Sandals Church in Riverside. Here is a young senior pastor who stuck his neck out big time and laid it all on the line to support Heather and Lori’s ministry. He endured a lot all because he wanted to stand behind them and help.

The documentary is going on the film festival circuit and then will probably be available sometime next year. If you get a chance to see, don’t miss it!

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