Hot For Teacher

The opportunity to fuck your college professor seems like it would be simply a porn fantasy but for many out there teacher fucking is a real possibility, especially when you teach is as hot as these temptresses. Sure, these chicks weren’t really moral when they took their charge’s education to a whole new level, but who cares because they are totally hot and everyone wants to bang them. I’m sure many of them would have a career in porn if they chose to get one.

1. Alaina Ferguson was just 23, the same age as many pornstars in their prime, when she was arrested for seducing someone in her class. She is a hot blonde with a banging body so it’s no surprise that anyone would want to fuck her. The whole relationship started when he left his Snapchat username on a test for her to grade. Who knew math could be so hot.

2. Alexandria Vera is a hot Latina woman with pouty lips and long black hair who was a teacher in Texas until she had her eye on someone special. They had a relationship for 9 months and she even got pregnant! She met his family and they all told them she was his girlfriend, and no one thought it was weird until the school found out. Then she went to jail, but she didn’t regret anything.

3. Sarah Jones is an official hottie. She was a Bengals cheerleader and there are plenty of pics of her with her boobs squeezing out of the uniform on the internet. After her cheerleading career she didn’t lose any of her hotness so it isn’t any surprise that she found a nice relationship when she became an instructor. She never went to jail but she did get in a bit of hot water, however no one minds because now her hot pictures are all over the media!

4. Mary Kay Letourneau is perhaps the most famous hot lady to fall for someone at her job. She even went to jail for 7.5 years because it was just so wrong. However, when she got out, she started her relationship back up and now she is a hot MILF living the family lifestyle with her original love.

5. Pouty blonde beauty Pamela Rogers Turner got into some trouble when she sparked it up with someone she knew from her job as a teacher. However, even though she was in those iconic stripes her beautiful face was always done up perfectly and her hair looked blonde and perfect. Even in difficult moments these temptresses look amazing and it’s easy to understand how these things happen!

So you see, the fantasy can become a reality!

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