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Hot G Vibe Reviewed


I found a cool store online  that sells dildos, vibrating rings etc,  called Hot G Vibe dot com. They want to be where you’ll find your next sex toy . What I loved about it was that besides being able to buy the latest toys, there is also informational content.  When a store has interesting things to read, it shows me that they care about educating their customers. I know lots of us here (my commenters!) have big mouths and will discuss anything. But most readers don’t. They are shy about buying sex toys. This site allows you to learn and ask questions anonymously from the privacy of your own computer screen.

There are articles from the basics on how to use sex toys, how to have an orgasm and even an article on pubic lice, eekkk! to more advanced topics where  people send in questions to and they have a answer girl named Gina who gives real advice, not just hustle.

They are also adult blog positive. I’ve heard they read LIB and so I wanted to give them a shout out. HI  HotGVibe Guys!  I’m checking out your affiliate program right now, 20% is a good payout.

If you decide you want to buy some sexy toys to start your new year right, here’s the place. It may be time to upgrade.

I look at my poor lonely 3 year old pocket rocket and think, hmmm maybe I really could replace it with something a little more new and exciting like the hot pink Secret Mini Vibe that’s under this link Vibrator.

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