Hot newcomers Nick LA and Felix Fox star in Cocksplay @Men


Hot newcomers Nick LA and Felix Fox star in Cocksplay, a new series produced by MEN.COM, the industry leader in gay adult entertainment.

The 2-part series is set inside the fascinating world of comic book conventions. Dante Colle and MEN exclusive Theo Brady round out the cast, with a special appearance by Luke Truong.

“Working on Cocksplay was an enjoyable experience,” said production director Ryan Cash. “This was the first scene we had filmed with Felix Fox, and we were not let down by his acting chops. Paired with veteran Dante Colle, this was a dynamic duo who embraced the fantastical elements of the script. As a self-proclaimed nerd, Felix was excited to cosplay as a superhero who ends up in a fantasy world where he and Dante defeat a cum drenching villain. The day was filled with humor, passion, and lots of bloopers.”

“Nick LA was also a treat to film during Cocksplay,” said production director Ryan Cash. “He really played up the superhero character and his dry sense of humor brought out the role of the casted ditsy celebrity. At heart, Nick is quiet and reserved – but when he placed the superhero costume on his body, his alter ego shined through and we were all in awe of his physique, his laugh, and his mesmerizing green eyes.”

Cocksplay is set to debut on Friday, July 23rd, exclusively on For all the lovers of comics, superheroes in spandex, and hot sex… Cocksplay is a series you won’t want to miss!

Synopsis for Cocksplay Part 1:

Nerd icon Nick LA is late to his own game conference and can’t even remember what the event is for, but when he invites cosplay-clad fan Theo Brady to suck his cock under the table, it’s the final straw for his long-suffering agent, who quits on the spot. With no one to answer to, Nick brings Theo back to the green room, where he sticks a unicorn horn dildo to the door of the fridge and fucks the eager twink’s hole with it! Nick lies down with the dildo on his forehead and Theo rides it, then does the same to the top’s real cock. Nick bends his fan over a chair to fuck him doggystyle, and Theo rides the famous top till he cums, then proves his number-one fan status as Nick fills him with a creampie.

Synopsis for Cocksplay Part 2:

There are still some kinks to be ironed out of the new Anal Cumbat arcade game when con-goers Dante Colle and Felix Fox get sucked inside the virtual world. The gamers are shocked to find themselves dressed as the characters… and equipped with huge cocks! After defeating an enemy with their jizz weapon, the game world looks like it’s cumming to an end, so Felix asks Dante to take him doggystyle. The guys start fucking and get transported back to the real world. They find an empty room at the con to continue their tryst, as Dante bends Felix over the table before they suck each other’s cocks. Felix rides the top, then takes that dick deep in missionary. The security guard comes in to watch and decides to take a facial from both of them!

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