Hot or Not Review (2020)

Hot or Not

On Hot or Not platform, you talk, view, and share some nude contents including solo hot pics, couple sex and much more.


  • The picture present on the website can arouse you in no time. There are plenty of registered members of this community.

  • The best part of the website is, it provides an affordable membership access to the pictures and the video clips.


  • There are no options to download the contents.

  • No advanced search options to save your time.

This review discusses the detailed aspects about the site in terms of the statistics, performance, pros and cons, special features, and more.

From this article, you will get to know more about the Hot or Not website along with its features.

Hot or Not was launched in the year 2000 as a normal photo rating site where the members uploaded their photos to get the hotness rating from 1 to 10. It was an effective idea that gained quite a lot of popularity for the website.

It inspired a lot of members to hop onto the website and test their hotness quotient over a social media platform. Later on, it became one of the most popular dating sites to allow people to like or swipe pass the profiles they wish to. It is just like the current trending application, Tinder.

Hot or Not quickly gained a hefty amount of online users that counts up to 384 million worldwide users. There are over 165,000,000 users only from the USA with the login rates that count up to 1,000,000 every day. The proportion of female users to male users is 4:6.

The recent check on the site states that there are millions of active members online at any point of time in a day that states the popularity factor of Hot or Not. For signing in, you can use any of your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter to avoid lengthy verification processes.

If you start a completely new registration, then you have to enter a few details and add some photos for reference for other members to check out your profile.

On giving social media access to Hot or Not, you just have to agree to a pop-up on Facebook or other social media sites, and then you will be redirected straight away to the main interface of Hot or Not. 

The site takes four to five of your best-selected photos from Facebook directly without causing you the hassle to select and upload it on your Hot or Not profile.

What makes Hot or Not so Popular?

The best thing about Hot or Not is its quick evolution from a photo rating site to one of the most popular dating sites available on global rankings.

Hot or Not allows the users to send a heart to the profiles they would love to interact with that come as probable matches and also pass the ones that they wish to reject.

Hot or Not upgraded its hotness rating feature to dating services but never compromised on the originality of the idea from which the site started its business. You can still rate the hotness quotient of the photos you view on Hot or Not.

After you complete the signup process, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked a few questions related to your dating interests and personality. It will help your profile stand out above others and gain more attention than usual.

The entire registration process completes only after you enter your email address and confirm it via the link sent and then upload at least one real picture of yours. It is a fun part of the website and never irritates the people who love to admire themselves. You can begin your exploration soon after that.

The adult dating site, Hot or Not, allows the users to find friends on a global basis and enjoy chat rooms with them to know them better. It is solely upon the members whether to plan a long term relationship or a short term casual date.

The job of Hot or Not is to bring together the most eligible singles together to find a companion to share their feelings with. Getting compliments from strangers is widely appreciated, that is the key factor that runs the entire business of Hot or Not.

As soon as you visit the landing page, you will be shown the pictures of your interests and possible matches that you get to rate or mark attractive as per your choice. The results that you see on your landing page can be filtered as per your likings, gender, location, and age.


Website Address:

Estimated Visits Last Month: 4 Million

Hot or Not is the first-ever dating site that initiated the swiping feature on its interface for selecting or passing a profile based on individual interests.

It follows a simple algorithm by sending a notification to the respective member, and if the feedback from the end member is the same for you, then there is a match.

There is a pop-up notification that will flash on your phone or website as you log in to start chatting with the person. 

Most of the members are eligible to chat only with the verified profiles of Hot or Not.

So, it is better if you can get your account connected with your social media handles such as Facebook or Twitter to verify your Hot or Not profile straight away or else you can go through the traditional method of verifying it through your email.

On the profile section of Hot or Not, you are allowed to upload an unlimited number of photos that will highlight your profile to gain attention from attractive people worldwide. Hot or Not also allows you to add a video message to your profile to let you make a better impact.

The information present in most of the profiles of Hot or Not are detailed and give quite a lot of information about the person you wish to interact with. You do not need to pay a single penny for viewing the profile picture of any members. Seeing profile pictures is absolutely free for all the members.

Not only that, but you can also check out the hotness rating of a particular member in their profile. This rating is calculated based on the count of people that marked a particular member profile as hot.

Before you plan on interacting with someone, you can always check their popularity rating as low, average, high, or very high in the search results page itself. The layout and the interface of the mobile application of Hot or Not is the same as most of the other dating sites.

The app is free and compatible with Android and iOS devices. The application is perfectly optimized to run smoothly on smartphone and tablet devices. But as per the user feedback, the website toggling is much more efficient than that of the application.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Like every other dating site, Hot or Not also has a premium paid version that gives access to unlimited benefits of the site.

Everyone loves to spend a small amount on things they love, and Hot or Not is close to the hearts of many individuals for giving them a dream companion to share their feelings and emotions with. The prices are reasonable and less as compared to the features provided.

The Free services that you get on signing up with Hot or Not are Profile creating and updating facility, unlimited photo uploads, Get possible matches, send or receive messages, profile browsing, and photo viewing.

The paid premium services give you all the benefits of free services along with the ability to change your votes on a particular profile, climb up to the top of the search results, more visibility, sending virtual gifts, sending chat stickers, and also being able to check-out profiles without getting noticed.

The paid premium version of Hot or Not costs 3.99 USD for a week plan and 12.99 USD for a monthly plan.

If you are opting for premium plans above one month, then you get discounts on monthly rates that equal your amount to 31.99 USD for three months premium plan and 47.99 USD for six months premium plan.

There are virtual credits available internally that you can purchase at a minimal price for interacting with profiles. The rate of 100 credits is 1.99 USD, 500 credits are 9.99 USD, 1250 credits is 19.99 USD, and 2750 credits is 39.99 USD.

On comparing the rates with other dating sites, the prices are moderate, which makes it better than most of the popular dating sites.

Site Performance Score: (out of 10)



Website Design

8 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10

Match Making

9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Image Quality

9 / 10

Overall Performance

9 / 10

Site Statistics 

Some of the unique statistics of Hot or Not that makes it special is:

  • On the landing page, you get to see a list of profiles on the search results based on your liking, interests, age, and gender.

  • There are other filter criteria available for the members to sort their search results. Swiping them right or left will indicate your liking or disliking towards a particular profile.

  • As soon as someone likes your profile, your rating goes up along with the matchmaking process.

  • The increase in rating makes your profile more attractive and gain more attention from the other members of Hot or Not.

  • There are several non-verbal ways, such as virtual stickers of ice creams, coffee, cupcakes, etc. to show them your interest in their profile.

  • Gift information is private and stays between you and the profile you are interacting with.

Competitors of Hot or Not  

Hot or Not is one of the most popular dating sites on a global basis, but it also has close competitors that are eyeing for upgrades to surpass the member counts of Hot or Not. Hot or Not manages to hold a significant number of member’s count that states the level of popularity of the website.

Some of the probable competitors that are close to Hot or Not in terms of rating are Hinge, Rate my face, Bumble, Clover, and many other such sites. Hinge is another social dating site that derives a little from the Hot or Not’s features and focuses more on quality matchmaking.

Hinge concerns on delivering companions to the members for long term relationships and reduce the count of casual dating. The search results are more accurate, and interacting with members is now easy. It is a current healthy competition for Hot or Not but is still behind to surpass it.

Bumble is another top trending application for dating that is forcing the users to switch from Tinder to Bumble. Here the users can initiate text messages only if the other person permits for it.

As per the statistics, 60% of the people respond to stranger texts as it is the sole motive of logging on to a dating site. This feature somewhere depresses the rest 40% of the users who do not get positive responses. Hot or Not takes the lead here and stays on top of it.


  • It is a safe dating website as the site investigations found no likely breach that would compromise the user details.

  • There are millions of members from all over the world for interaction that increase global connectivity.

  • The interface is modern and very convenient for users that gives you easy filter criteria to refine the search results.

  • Hot or Not also consists of stickers and emojis that you can use during chats to have a better interaction with the members you like.

  • There is a huge count of genuine members that increases your chances of getting a companion for a long term relationship. It is an entirely individual choice whether he/she is looking for commitment or short term dating.

  • Hot or Not has other ways of interacting with the accounts by sending virtual gifts to the profiles that cost credits. It will bring their notice to your profile, and there is a high chance they will respond positively.

  • The prime membership is of the moderate price, which is reasonable for the huge count of unlocked benefits.

  • The design of the website has an interactive layout with amazing colours, fonts, and an attractive interface.

  • The functions of the website are organized and easy to understand for the new members.

  • There is no pressure of getting a date through Hot or Not as you can spend your entire day rating and checking out photos of several other Hot or Not users.

  • The customer support is also responsive to almost all queries related to the features of Hot or Not.


  • Some of the necessary features are restricted only for the paid version, which makes it a significant drawback. Out of the locked features, few are basic and must be made available to the free accounts.

  • No exceptional search features are present in Hot or Not, which restricts the search results to some extent.

  • The options for contacting are limited to chats and messages only that again create a drawback as the competitors are offering video conferencing for better interaction.

  • Everything that matters in Hot or Not is the physical appearance that attracts the members to like or dislike the profile.

  • Logging on with your social media account might put your information at risk. Therefore, it is recommended to log in the old traditional way with email.

Customer Support

Hot or Not is a feature-loaded dating site that is globally famous for its ability to make genuine matches. The customer support feature is also responsive as they provide immediate help to all queries of the members related to payment or features.

But the service still lags behind as they do not have a direct mobile number to contact them and neither do they have mentioned their official email address to drop a mail. The only traditional method of sending your query is to add your question, name, and your email address and then click on send.

The Hot or Not executives will reply to your mail within the next 18 hours and will provide you with an immediate resolution.

Despite the major drawback of not giving a direct contact number, the customer service is widely appreciated for their quick response and money refunds in case of any payment errors.


As stated above, the features of Hot or Not makes it stand out in the crowd of dating sites. There are several other dating sites that offer the same features for getting a match but Hot or Not does it more effectively.

The user interface is kept optimized and easy for the new members to get them used to it quickly without much delay. Hot or Not also gives the feature of sending virtual stickers and gifts to the people they wish to interact with to interact better for taking the conversation further.

The number of positive votes that you get on your profile increases your profile ratings that make your profile more attractive and more common on the search results. So, make sure you put a beautiful photo of yours in the default photo section that will be visible to other members.

Parting Words

Considering all the features of Hot or Not, it is a clear winner amongst all its competitors. It is one of the most renowned dating sites on a global scale that has more than 400 million active members. People who are looking for genuine relationships or casual dating can try Hot or Not for their luck.

If your profile is attractive enough to gain attention, you will most likely remain on the top of the list.

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