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HotFile Slams It’s Infringers

NL-I did a story talking about all the lawsuits against HotFile on Thursday. Yesterday HotFile sent out this notice-

Hotfile: Account Termination:
Your account has been terminated due to repeated copyright infringement violations.

The webmasters who were uploading illegal content and making money from it are all REALLY PISSED. Several webmaster boards ( not necc ADULT webmaster boards, just webmaster boards in general) are talking about how they lost money because they were owed by HotFile and since their account was closed, they will not be paid. Also all the files that had up-loaded were deleted.

I also understand that many of the infringers had purchased “premium” memberships to HotFiles. So they lost that money also. ($55 a year)

HotFiles says

Policy of Terminating Accounts – Update
2011-02-19 has always maintained a policy of terminating the accounts of users found to have engaged in repeated copyright infringement.
Our Terms of Service, to which all users must agree, prohibit using to share content to which users do not have intellectual property rights. Recently, we have become concerned that despite these policies, some users persist in attempting to use to share materials to which they do not have the necessary rights. Therefore, we have implemented a more aggressive policy of terminating the accounts of users who are the subject of repeated complaints of infringement.

Please ensure that you have all necessary rights to any content that you share with others using

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