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HotMovies Unveils State-Of-The-Art Facial Recognition Tool

HotMovies understands that adult entertainment can be fun in addition to being sexy! With that in mind, the big brains behind the largest library of adult videos online have engineered a great new discovery tool.

Do you have the hots for a celebrity? A crush on a cutie from your classroom or workplace? Just plug in a picture, and the HotMovies algorithm will do the rest of the work. The state of the art facial matching software will accept uploaded photos or images linked directly from the internet. It can provide hours of fun!

Ahead of the Democratic Primary debates, HotMovies took to Twitter with the results of plugging in the Democratic nominees. A photo of Senator Kamala Harris resulted in a porn twin of former star Nikki Fairchild. Pete Buttegeig’s doppleganger is the ultra-hung gay star Ben Andrews. The results are an amazing way of helping your fantasies come true. A Margot Robbie image yielded the bombshell Zoe Wood. Comedian Sarah Silverman’s photograph pegged her porno ringer as Sibel Kikeli, who has mainstream acting credits from her time on Game of Thrones. The Internet’s Boyfriend, Keanu Reeves, matched up with beefcake Shay Michaels.

It is even possible to bring back your favorite people from the past. Want to see what it would be like for Marilyn Monroe in some hot and heavy action? You can get awfully close by using the HotMovies Facial Recognition Search. The website’s tool gets you one step closer to fully realizing your secret fantasies: a teacher you’ve harbored feelings for, a friend you find especially foxy, or even their mom!

The Facial Recognition Search draws on the power of HotMovies’ enormous library of stars and their images, and the results will get more refined each day. Feel free to upload an image of yourself or your significant other and see who you resemble the most! And of course, be sure to take your findings viral by sharing your results on social media with the hashtag #PornTwin.

Check out all the fun for yourself at:

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