Hottest Female Athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympics

The Olympics are almost here, get ready to watch your favorite athletes and root for your home country. As the athletes prepare for this Friday’s events, I figure why not list off some of my favorite ladies that will be completing at Sochi 2014 along with former Olympians. Don’t worry, my list of males will be out later this week.

Anna Sidorova

Team Russia – Curler Anna-Sidorova-curling

Linn Haug

Team Norway – Snowboarder Linn Haug Snowboarding

Gretchen Bleiler

Team USA – Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler

Kimiko Zakreski

Team Canada – Snowboarder Kimiko Zakreski

Torah Bright

Team USA – Snowboarder Torah_Bright_

Clair Bidez

Team Great Britain – Snowboarder Clair Bidez

Hannah Teter

Team USA – Snowboarder hannah_teter

Silje Norendal

Team Norway – Snowboarder silje_norendal

 Yuna Kim

Team South Korea – Figure Skater Yuna Kim

Ashley Wagner

Team USA – Figure Skater Ashley Wagner

Tanith Belbin

Team USA – Ice Dancer tanith belbin

Juila Chu

Team USA – Hockey Player Julie Chu

 Alyson Dudek

Team USA – Speed Skater Alyson Dudek

Anni Friesinger-Postma

Team Germany – Speed Skater

Anni Friesinger

Alison Baver

Team USA – Speed Skater
Allison Baver

Mellisa Hollingsworth

Team Canada – Skeleton Mellisa Hollingsworth

Lori “Lolo” Jones

Team USA – Bobsled Lolo Jones

Julia Mancuso

Team USA – Skier Julia Mancuso

Sarah Hendrickson

Team USA – Skier Sarah Hendrickson


Team Thailand – Skier Vanessa-Mae

Lindsey Vonn

Team USA – Skier Lindsey Vonn

Chemmy Alcott

Team Great Britain – Skier Chemmy Alcott

Kristi Leskinen

Team USA – Skier Kristi Leskinen

Tina Maze

Team Slovenia – Skier tina maze

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