Hottest Female UFC Fighters Right Now!

One of the hottest female MMA fighters finally makes her return to the octagon this weekend. No, not Ronda Rousey. I’m talking about Paige VanZant. Even though she’s not champ of any division, VanZant has already schmoozed and won over the mainstream media in a big way with her charismatic and dominating appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” where VanZant finished at an astounding second place!

With a much needed win this Saturday, VanZant will crash through the next ceiling and hopefully get a chance to prove her mettle against the current champ down the road. But let’s be honest here, the reason for Paige VanZant’s sudden popularity is because she’s outrageously good-looking. Yes, she’s also a very skilled fighter as well, but if this was a modeling contest, she’d beat the brakes off any other female MMA fighter on this list, with the exception of a few.

In honor of her octagon return, I’ve compiled a list of the hottest female fighters in the UFC. Not MMA, just the UFC. And unlike other lists out there by shitty lad mags and preferential media outlets, my list is solely based on how hot they are, not how hot they’re trending right now.

This is the REAL list of Hottest and Sexiest female mixed martial arts fighters in the UFC right now.

11.) Ronda Rousey




Ronda was the queen. She was a big fucking deal. A world-class judoka, Rousey started making noise way back in now defunct MMA organization, Strikeforce and started collecting limbs by way of her devastating arm bar submissions. Before a crushing loss to Holly Holm, Rousey was a media darling, starring in movies and making appearances on talk shows and modeling in magazines in just body paint. Nowadays? No one really knows. For all her dominance and bravado, Rousey’s fall to Holm threw her into a tailspin of depression and doubt from which she still hasn’t recovered from. Some say she’ll never return the same ever again. Well, losing is a part of any sport. If this is truly the last we’ve seen of her, then she left a legacy bigger than even Gina Carano’s, but I have a feeling Rousey will be back. But will she come back the same?

10.) Julianna Peña



Since winning the “Ultimate Fighter”, Julianna’s popularity was slated to skyrocket but due to an ill-timed knee injury, she’s been struggling to get that signature win. Now, with Rousey no longer champ, it frees up the 135 weight class a bit, allowing for many to vie for the throne. I have no idea why the UFC doesn’t push Pena harder. She’s hot, Latina and actually has legit wins under her belt.

9.) Joanna Jedrzejczyk



Jeez, I have to copy and paste Joanna’s last name every time I write about her. Anyway, this fierce Polish fighter is the real deal. She’s the current strawweight champion, has an undefeated record, has a cute little accent and most importantly of all, she knows how to put on exciting stand-up battles of pure attrition. She’s very media-friendly and reminds me of a female Chuck Liddell.

8.) Claudia Gadelha


Claudia Gadelha is basically Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s ultimate nemesis. They were always on the verge of tearing each others’ heads off during the shooting of “TUF” so when it came to fight at the conclusion of the series, everyone tuned in to watch this blood feud unravel. Born in Brazil, Claudia is a little tanned hottie with a really nice ass and a darling face. During weigh-ins leading up to fighting her rival, champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk looked like a carved-out zombie while the beautiful sight of Claudia Gadelha made you feel like you accidentally wandered into the women’s bathroom during lesbian shenanigans. Here have a look.


7.) Felice Herrig

This blond American fighter was a pretty damn good kick-boxer before she made her transition into MMA. She recently beat the shit out of and choked out Hawaiian fighter, Kailin Curran and looks to be matched up with someone definitely higher up in the rankings. “Lil Bulldog” is known for her exciting brawling fighting style. If she can string together some wins, Felice will have a chance to maximize her potential before she gets too old. But I think she’s headed towards gatekeeper status.


6.) Rose Namajunas


Rose Namajunas is a sort of cult fan favorite. At first, “Thug Rose” looks like a dainty little babe, but Jesus Christ, when that octagon door closes and Rose starts stomping the piss out of other girls, it’s like watching Clark Kent become Superman. Experienced, calm and very fucking good in Taekwondo, Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, Rose is a star in the making.


5.) Kailin Curran


This part-Irish, Samoan and German strawweight fighter is that cute tomboy who you were too afraid to ask out, and instead watched as she blossomed into a beautiful, pint-sized killing machine. Curran and VanZant put on a barn burner of a fight way back during both of their UFC debuts. She just lost to veteran Felice Herrig. Here’s to this Hawaiian hottie getting back on track.

4.) Bec Rawlings


Following in the boot stomps of Tank Girl and other bad-ass women, Australian fighter, Bec Rawlings has made an indelible impression among fans with her highly aggressive fighting style, her rad look and refreshingly original personality. She’s on a nice 2 fight streak right now and will do battle against Paige VanZant this Saturday night in British Columbia, Canada. This fight will more or less be that “make or break” moment for both competitors.

3.) Michelle Waterson


It’s easy to see why Michelle’s nickname is the Karate Hottie. Making her fame by winning the Atomweight Championship in Invicta Fighting Championship, Michelle saw her success rewarded when she was signed on by the UFC. Due to injuries, fans haven’t really seen what this beautiful Thai hottie can accomplish. What a babe!


2.) Miesha Tate


It seems like you can’t talk about Miesha Tate without talking about Ronda Rousey. Well, Tate finally climbed out of Rousey’s shadow when she choked out Holly Holm – the same woman who head-kicked Rousey into career existentialism. While not particularly good at one thing, Miesha is known for being very well-rounded and scrappy as fuck, but more than that, she’s also got really big tits and a nice, firm ass.



1.) Paige VanZant


Here’s your number one hottest female fighter in the UFC. Paige VanZant. This 22-year-old American blond stunner is a man’s girl! She loves hunting, fishing, and shooting! After getting her pretty ass handed to her by Rose Namajunas back in December of 2015, VanZant looks to get back on track and propel herself higher up the strawweight ladder with a victory over tough-as-nails Bec Rawlings. Aside from Rousey, Paige is the only fighter on this list to achieve a substantial level of mainstream attention, much in part to her winning performances on “Dancing with the Stars” and of course, her otherworldly beauty. Does VanZant have what it takes to beat Bec Rawlings this weekend? I’m going to say yes.




Well, there’s my list of hottest UFC female fighters. Like I said, I chose the girls based on just pure physical hotness and disregarded everything else. Hey, look at where you are. It’s, baby. Did I miss anyone? If I did, you can bitch and moan all you want in the comments. Peace!

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