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Hottest Irish Female Celebrities!

So, St. Patrick’s Day is coming down the pike pretty soon, which means all of the blogospheres (including this one) are going to start pumping out Irish-themed posts for precious internet traffic! Hmm, what could I possibly bring to the table that hasn’t already been regurgitated…

Well, here’s my little ‘ol list of little-known Irish female celebrities!

1.) Megan Fox

2.) Olivia Wilde

3.) Sarah Hyland

4.) Miley Cyrus

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5.) Zooey Deschanel

6.) Christina Hendricks

7.) Alyson Hannigan

8.) Emma Roberts

9.) Anne Hathaway


10.) Rooney Mara

11.) Rose McGowan

12.) Amy Adams

13.) Rose Byrne

14.) Katy Perry

15.) Karen Gillan

16.) Mandy Moore

17.) Heather Graham

18.) Jessica Brown Finlay


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