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Houston is truly Born Again

NL- I talked to my friend Dan Davis (Publisher) over at today, and we got to talking about Houston(Kim). Both of us wondered if what was posted on was what Houston really wrote, as Dan and I didn’t think of Houston as being overly religious. Dan called Houston to check it out. He wrote about it on his site. Go read the whole thing at  Here’s a snippet-


“……..Needless to say the XXXChurch blog is 100 percent true. I was also shocked to hear that Kim, who was raised as a Christian, was “born again” and had been so since 2003 after she left adult.

It’s not because she’s ill, or anything like that. It’s just become thrust into the public spotlight because she has once again been thrust into the same bright light because of her current situation.

Kim told me that she’s not condemning anyone, or is she “preaching.” What she wants to do with XXXChurch and in her life is tell her story, and if it enlightens others, then she will be happy.

This isn’t some last minute reflection on her part, but rather her belief for some time. Does she regret many paths that her life has taken? She says she does. Would she take the same path through adult knowing what she knows now? She says she wouldn’t.

She has learned many lessons in her life and simply wants to share them with others who she feels might be on the same path with her…….”

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