How do Americans Feel About Casual Sex?

There is a sense that Americans like to have a lot of casual sex but the truth is that when compared to some other cultures, there are some surprising statistics that rise to the surface and they might shock you. Some people at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology did a study that compared Norway’s sexual habits to those of people in America. They found that people in Norway do have a more open sexual attitude towards things. The whole idea behind the study was that the researchers thought that people in Norway would regret casual sex less than Americans, because they were more liberal. It did turn out that the Norwegians were more liberated in the bedroom because they reported having more one night stands than the Americans, but in all honestly, they did not regret their one night stands much less than Americans.

While more Americans in the study said it was important to live in accordance with their religious beliefs, both religious and non-religious Americans and Norwegians only had a small difference in the level of regret over their one night stands. However, the part where Americans definitely differed was in their love of fantasizing about the people they meet in real life. That probably comes from the fact that the Americans are a bit more sexually repressed so they have weird feelings about asking someone to come home for a shag!

The biggest factor in regret over a one night stand was gender, no matter which country you are from. Women were more likely to regret a night of casual sex, which men were more likely to regret losing out on an opportunity to have casual sex. So it seems that your nationality only matters a little bit in the course of your sexual preferences and how you feel about casual sex.

Unfortunately this study didn’t explore the cultural or societal reasons for all of these things, but we can certainly imagine them. However, no matter what country you come from you can probably agree that having casual sex or at least fantasizing about it is a whole lot of fun. You can have a one night stand and then forget about it. You don’t have to do a whole lot of emotional hemming and hawing. You can just have your thing and get your kicks no matter what you’re into. Watching porn is my way of having casual sex. Of course it’s even more casual than a one night stand! I just flip to the porn movie I want, then I watch whatever part of it, then I get up and go do whatever else I want!

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