How do I access / sad panda?

Many people ask this question, yet the responses are mainly complicated. So, listen up bitches, today The Porn Dude will show you how to access it on Google Chrome, the easy way. I know you are asking yourself why the hell you would go to all that trouble when there are other doujin sites.

Well, has everything, and by that, I mean everything, including one of the most robust adult forums around. It is the subsidiary of the more easily accessible but has by far more weird/shocking content that they couldn’t place in the main site because of their obligations to sponsors and advertisers. Exhentai allows content not allowed on e-hentai, for instance, underaged fictional characters.

Now that I’ve got your attention, you will need a few things to make that happen.

  • At least a functioning brain
  • Updated Google Chrome browser
  • A cookie manager add-on (if you are not the kind that likes to get all their cookies wiped out like a fucking moron)

To access the site, you will need an account so you will need to click here to create one.

From there you can sit and do nothing for a week, which is the time it takes for new accounts to access Sad Panda.

Unfortunately, you can’t speed up the process so you will need all the patience of a snail.

If you see this image here of a sad animal, you need to clear your cookies. It is an easy process which can be found on Google.

Once you have the account, use the logins to access. That’s it. Now you can access sad panda and fap away or whatever. Remember you may only attempt to access if a minimum of 7 days has elapsed since the time you signed for the account. If you have access and logged in, the site looks like the image below.

There is also a Chrome extension for logging in which allows you to login to site directly in case you forget to clean your cookies and don’t want to be bothered with a login process, which is not a bad option to have either.

Cookie Management

Remember you can manage your cookies on the Chrome browser by following these simple steps:

Option 1

Option 2

  • At the top right, click “customize and control Google Chrome” and then click on settings
  • At the bottom, click advanced
  • Under “Privacy and security,” click Content settings
  • Select Cookies. Click “Allow all sites to save and read cookies data.” Type exhentai in the search bar.

If you’ve had access before but you can’t have it now, the following solution is for you. Save your email address, username, and password somewhere before proceeding.

  • First of all, confirm that you are logged on to e-hentai. Can you see the yay cookie? Well, delete it. Refer to the above method for cookie management.
  • Refresh the page. Do you have access? Then you don’t have to continue reading any of this. If not, continue reading.
  • Check to see if your cookies are expired. They typically have a default expiration date of one year. If they have expired, you will have to log out of your e-hentai account and then log back into your e-hentai account in the forum.
  • Check to see if your igneous cookie still has a string of characters or has reverted to “mystery.” If it has reverted to “mystery,” you will need to delete it and hope it no longer says “mystery” even after refreshing the page.
  • If it does still say mystery, tough luck for you if you don’t have the igneous cookie’s value stored in another location. If you do have your igneous string, then it’s all good because you can manually edit the igneous cookie and paste the string.

If you delete cookies by having your browser delete everything when you log out, you will need to go back to back to and log back in and then proceed to exhentai.

Common challenges

What if it has been months and you still don’t have access? If you have followed the above steps correctly, then it is highly likely nothing can be done to salvage your situation.

In case you get a white screen, then that could be the ISP, the government or e-hentai blocking you or probably worse.

If it says that your account doesn’t exist (my account isn’t found!), you might have been using ExHentai Easy 2. Remove it and follow the above steps.

Note to everyone:

You can actually edit your cookies so they won’t expire after a year. Make sure you save your igneous string somewhere else, just for safety purposes.

Also, you may carry the portable version of your browser in a USB flash, encrypted, or put it in a safe location within your computer. You don’t want your porn mixing with everything else.

In case porn is blocked in your country, use a web proxy or a VPN service to access the site.

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