How do I get an invite?

Torrents have become the default method of sharing files. They are some of the fastest and easiest ways to get your hands on all the content you need. You could have a heap of content in your storage anonymously and in a matter of minutes. While most torrents come from public trackers, others are from private, invites only that don’t allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to download.  However, getting invitations to a private torrent site like is not a walk in the park. They are hard to come by and require time and effort to earn.  If you are wondering on how best to go about it, stick around. By the end of this article, you will have more than a clue.

Get a VPN first

Private torrenting sites are apparently safer than public ones, but that doesn’t mean you are completely out of the dark. Your data could still be at risk. Remember you will be sending raw data to servers and users all over the globe, but each of the requests you make is tied to an IP address tied to your computer and location. Internet service providers can log in and share this information with other parties, for instance, nosy government agencies. I don’t need to spell out the repercussions of such an occurrence.

To protect yourself from unpredictable circumstances, you need to get yourself a virtual private network (VPN) that will encrypt your data and assign you a different IP address. This will mask your activities from third parties and keep you from prying eyes lurking in the background. I would recommend Nord VPN which makes it easy for you to ‘disappear’ online.

Getting invites

Well, private trackers require you to register before you can access the content. And now comes the tricky part; unlike in other sites, registration is not as straightforward as entering your email address and a password and clicking on ‘sign up.’ restricts new account creations and to tell you the truth; it won’t be that straightforward. The following are some of the options on the table.

Open registration days

One of the easiest ways to access a private tracker is by joining in one of their open registration days. Unfortunately for you, these days are rarely announced in advance and can actually last anywhere between a few hours and a few days. You’d have to keep your ear on the ground for any new announcements. Luckily, there are sites that cover invitation swaps and open registration announcements (for instance Torrent Invites).

Ask for invites is an invites only site meaning a current member has to grant you access. This practically leaves you with two choices; to put an invite trading thread on a forum or practically beg for access. If you know someone with invite codes, you could get them to send you the invite codes. That is not easy as you will have to convince them that you will be an active member. They will make you sweat for the codes, including sending you access codes for a different site to test your commitment to keeping a good ratio and contributing materials to the site before sending you real ones. It requires a bit of work, patience and probably some luck too to make it work.

IRC or forum registration

More exclusive private torrent sites may restrict account creation and invitation codes to their own IRC channels or community forums. At, however, the IRC works as a platform under which the forums operate. Unfortunately, you will need to be a registered member to access it in the first place. This makes option two the most viable.

Needless to say, it is a difficult situation that will test your patience.

Why, you ask?

Good question. is one of the best private porn torrent sites out there and features a massive archive of torrents covering every fantasy you can ever dream of.  Its freeleech packs are also great!  It is also easy to maintain a good ratio, so if you are asking me whether accessing the site is worth the hassle, I’d say an emphatic yes. And if you are looking for further reasons why you should join the site, here are some advantages of having a private torrenting site:

When accessing porn torrent sites, what you are looking for is privacy, speed, and availability. The high number of uploaders in public porn torrent sites usually means speed and availability of content are non-issues, but can they keep third parties from spying on their files? That’s not a guarantee. doesn’t guarantee your total privacy either, but it’s still better than an open door policy.

You obviously aren’t looking to access to look for a popular TV series or read an e-book. You are looking for adult content, and this site has loads of it. You may read our review of the site for a more detailed review, but there are reasons you should start looking for friends who can send you invites to access this site. It is worth the hassle.

PS: Beware of sites purporting to sell invites because most of them are mostly scammers.

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