How do you become a male escort?

Are you considering becoming a male escort?  Well, that’d be great. I mean, being a male escort can be a rewarding venture both socially and financially. It is a perfect opportunity to earn extra income while meeting interesting people, having fun, and probably fucking some beautiful women.

Women seek male escorts for different reasons. Some are just too unstable to have regular relationships, others are lonely, and some just want reliably good company and have plenty of money to spend. Others want some good looking man to accompany them to various social events, including; business functions, weddings, dinner dates, or just some company for the evening. Whichever the reasons, there is a large number of women looking for male escorts and willing to pay some top dollar for the right dude. The question is, are you the right fucking dude?

Before I go into what you need to be an escort, it’s best if I warned you that the services don’t always translate to sex. Actually, paying for sex is illegal in some countries so fucking your clients is your choice, although its always a possibility if there is that spark. This is not supposed to discourage you, but you should also know that the market is so small you’d have to be extremely attractive physically as well as charming or whatever in personality to have a shot.  There are many more men clamoring to be male escorts than there is actual demand for them, so you will really need to stand the fuck out.

So, if you feel you have what it takes, how do you go about becoming a male escort?  By the end of this article, you will have more than just a hint.

Good looking

This is common sense, really. These women will be paying good money for you, so you have to be physically attractive and well groomed. One escort company puts it well in their list of requirements: ‘we expect all of our men to be well-groomed and hygienic. We strictly do not accept any of our men to be scruffy or unpresentable.’ You will have to be extremely good looking. If you are not being hit on by women in the shops or wherever don’t even think about it. Nobody wants an overweight toad as an escort. It goes without saying.

Right personality

Much more important than your looks is your personality. First of all, you have to be a really interesting person. You need to have a broad knowledge of life and ready to talk about virtually anything. You have to be a smooth talker; the conversation can’t dry up, there can’t be those awkward pauses, and your client has to feel throughout that you are downright fascinated by her even when she is talking about boring stuff like her job.

You will also have to be a mentally flexible person. Sometimes you will need to fake, bluff, and lie blatantly. You have to be a quick thinker. For instance, your client may require you to pose as her boyfriend or husband. You will inevitably have to answer some pretty awkward questions, and you will be put on the spot every now and then. What I’m saying is, you better be a fluent fucking liar.

Still interested? Read on

You need to be genuinely interested in people. You have to show you genuinely want to know about them, flatter them, spend time with them and make them feel like they are the best thing that ever happened to mankind after free Wi-Fi. This has to be shown even to people who are not especially attractive. It’s not every day you get a smoking hot 40-year-old single mom. Sometimes it will be an ugly ass 70-year old. That will require you sometimes to sit and listen while showing a certain degree of care for their problems and a sense of empathy while not developing feelings and get too attached. If you are the kind that easily gets bored, don’t even think about it. The interest has to be genuine, and you have to be able to honestly tell a not so attractive client, “I really enjoyed spending time with you and would love to do it again.” That’s how you get paid, motherfucker.

You will need the ability to make your clients feel comfortable about sex, and sometimes you will spend hours on the phone with clients answering their questions and concerns they may have.

Escort agencies

Therein lays the biggest challenge. Majority of the clients for escorts are male, so it’s hard to find an agency strictly for straight male escorts. Even worse, there are shadowy scam agencies that promise bookings with female clients to gullible young men in exchange of a fee for ‘monthly listings,’ promising rates of $200 to $300 per hour. You will need to be very careful.

That said, there are genuine escort agencies out there. Of course, you will have to find out how reputable some of them are. But you can always find out on Google in about 0.25 seconds.


Everyone thinks they can do it, but it’s obviously much harder than what it seems. You have to meet and exceed what I’ve mentioned above and then some more. But those who are good at it make some good money out of it, and nothing in this life is easy anyway. You might as well give it a try if you feel you have what it takes. Good luck.

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