How do you get laid on tinder?

If you are a single guy and haven’t been living under some rock, then there is every possibility you’ve heard about dating and hook up app- Tinder. The dating app allows you to like profiles of people by swiping right for like and left for no. You can get laid faster than you can figure out 6+5=11. There are millions of people using this app, and while some of them hope of finding love and meeting someone from their city, most of them are looking to get laid.

If you have any experience with women, then you know how the game goes. They are as highly sexual as men; it’s only they don’t tell the whole truth about it. Women like to fuck as much as men, but instead of just the pleasure, they will try to use the sex for favors, cash, and sometimes leverage that to get into a relationship with you. Most of the time when it comes to sex, women will squander your time and make you spend your money on drinks and taxi and still refuse to have sex with you.

It is highly likely that you have suffered a similar fate. The good news is, there are thousands of women on Tinder who are looking just to get fucked. The bad news is, well, there is no bad news, but every attractive girl on Tinder has multiple guys looking to get between her legs and they are also interested in multiple matches as well. This means while there is every possibility of getting laid within hours, you have to bring your A-game.

So, if you are in it for finding someone to fuck and you are stuck in the virtual encounter, you will be out of that wilderness by the time you finish this article. Just play it safe and make sure you are not murdered.

Look for people who don’t seem your type

The best thing about a onetime hook up is you can indulge in whichever fantasy you want. Now, I’m not suggesting you swipe right for every random bitch whose profiler you encounter, but I’m encouraging you to explore possibilities in people who initially seem out of your type. I mean, what does ‘type’ even mean in 2018?

You may be looking for an older woman with short hair who likes wearing cowboy boots. Whatever you are looking for, make sure you go for someone who excites you. After all, it’s a fucking hookup.

Make your profile clear

Assuming you are in it for the sex, state that in your profile using whichever subtle ways you can. You could state how you are an “adventurous and outdoorsy guy looking for fun.” That may be a simple statement, but everyone will understand what you mean by ‘fun.’ If you are looking for a casual relationship, say it in your profile. That way, you will attract females looking for something similar.

Mind your pictures

Forget about that ‘about’ section. You can even leave that one blank. Your first picture is the first thing girls will like. I suggest you use a good quality picture of your face. Other pictures should represent you in social occasions, holidays, and generally having a good time. Let the females know you are not a boring motherfucker to be around. Avoid naked or half naked pictures. Believe it or not, that’s not how Tinder works for men, so, away with the shirtless selfies and dick pics.

Be straightforward

Remember you are looking for a casual hook up, not marriage and babies. You have to be straightforward and let girls know that you are not there for lengthy chats about the weather and other irrelevant shit. You have to stir the following emotions in the female mind: excitement, lust, happiness, trust, and anticipation.

Found a woman you are interested in? Make sure you send them a clear message right away. You may send a halfhearted “what are you doing tonight” or a more straightforward “want to meet up for sex?” Whichever way you to decide to go, just be clear about what you are looking for. Remember you are trying to set a date for tonight, not next week so avoid lengthy chats. And while at it, don’t be boring. Also, be ready for all manner of responses, some of which might be a bit kinky.

Be safe

Well, I’m not trying to be your mother; I just want you to stay alive. The world is a fucking scary place to be, and you should always put your safety first. Remember you are meeting with a complete stranger, no matter how great the vibes are. First of all, meet in a public place, ensure you take yourself to and from the meeting place, and stick to the one drink rule. You don’t want to be too drunk around a total stranger unless there are mutual friends around, in which case you will still need to be careful.  If you meet a female and she seems creepy, and your sixth sense tells you to run, fucking run.


If you have made it this far, you have enough to get yourself laid on Tinder. It’s not as hard as you think. Just try it. Meanwhile, visit our sex dating section and be amazed by how many options are there for casual sex dating and hookups.

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