How do you get laid?

Before I even dig deeper into this matter, I would like to say that there are so many women out there who are very open to the idea of sex on the first date. Gone are the days when women only waited for marriage before having sex. The dynamics of the society have changed completely, and you don’t even need to be in a relationship to get laid. Many women are open to the idea of having fun in life, getting fucked for fun and mixing relationships until they find the perfect guy. What I’m saying in a nutshell is, it has never been easier to get laid as you will find out by the end of this piece. While at it, please visit our dating section and find the best dating sites.

Do you seriously want to learn about how to get laid?

On a scale of 1-10, how hard (easy) is it to get laid? There are thousands of sites out there claiming to have tips on how exactly you get yourself laid, but none will quite offer you the tips I will offer you. I am ThePornDude, remember. Personally, I used to be that guy who used to watch his friends get laid like every day, and I kept wondering what I was doing wrong. I have since transformed myself into someone who can get laid without breaking a sweat, and if you follow my lead, you will be giving a similar testimony.

What exactly do you need to do to get laid?

1. Be a woman

Obviously, this sounds a little hilarious, but it’s the first thing. This does not mean that men don’t get laid, it simply means it is easier for a woman to get someone to fuck her. As a man, you have to work hard for a spot between a woman’s legs. If you are a man, this point is clearly not for you.

2. Stay away from “good girls”

It is a fact that every girl has a wild version of themselves. Even the good girls sometimes enjoy some rough sex, but only with the ‘right guy.’ Some girls are however wilder than others and are more open to trying things. These are the girls you should be focusing on. The good girls are likely going to demand a lot of things from you before you even get a kiss. What you need to do is look out for the ‘wilder’ girls before you even make a move.

The thing is, there are different phases in a woman’s life. There is the phase where she is trying to have fun and have sex with different people, and then there is the phase where she is simply looking for a serious relationship. Don’t waste your time on the girl looking for a serious relationship if your mission is to get laid. You can weed out the time wasters by saying something sexual immediately you meet a girl.  This can be achieved through nonverbal communication or by saying something raunchy. Her reaction will tell you everything you need to know.

3. Don’t be boring

If you have been wondering why you have not been getting sex partners of late, it’s probably because you bore the hell out of them. Chicks are more attracted to guys whose lives don’t revolve around providing food, shelter, and sex.  You’ve got to have some vibe going. Maybe an interest in music or sport might get you something interesting to talk about beyond responsibilities and sex. If you are the type that simply goes to work and then goes out to look for sex, the problem lies with the person staring back in your mirror. Get your act together before you end up in the fapping zone for like forever.

4. Carefully choose your battles

You are in a bar, and there is this hot model who is keeping all to herself or is only talking to her model friends. The only time she has left the bar is when she is visiting the washrooms. Her cocktail drink cost more than what you earn in a week. Want some free advice? Stay the hell away from that girl. She will NOT sleep with you. The secret to getting laid is learning to pick the right battles. Target the friendly, approachable, and fun-havers. Trust me; you don’t want to waste your time on a hot model who will look at you like something the cat dragged in.

5. Be nice

Trust me; honesty can take you places as far as fitting your genitals into those of someone else is concerned. When I was in high school, my teacher always told us that if you have a question, chances are there is another person in the same class with a similar question, so, ask your question. If you are having a good time and you are feeling the urge to lay that girl, chances are she is feeling the same too. Take one for the team. Invite the girl to your home. Just be honest about it do not to freak her out. You will be inside those pants faster than a snowball will melt in a fire.

6. Be yourself

Well, you may not know this, but people have this ability to detect fakery, and they hate it to their bones. While it doesn’t always hurt to throw in a lie or two, don’t be fake. Sometimes the person who will sleep with you is the person who likes you and one who you like in return because of the openness and the shared interests the two of you have. Don’t approach a woman and tell her you are Denzel Washington. Nobody wants to sleep with someone stinking fakery from a mile away.

7. Be ready to spend some money

Women like pretending they are independent and self-sufficient and all that crap. Do not be deceived. No woman wants to sleep with a stingy fellow. If you are the type that talks about splitting the bill, you may as well forget about getting laid. You have to be ready to pay for those drinks, at least on the first date. Women like being around men who value them and make them feel wanted.  Paying for her drinks or her cab may be the thing that gets her to part her legs for you.

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