How do you make the best homemade sex tape?

There are thousands of exhibitionists out there, many of whom wouldn’t hesitate to put their homemade sex tapes out for the world to see (does the name Kim Kardashian ring a bell?).  You just need to visit one of the top porn tubes out there (for instance XTube, Pornhub, RedTube, and YouPorn) and you will be spoilt for choice. However, some of the sex tapes fucking suck and you’d be better off watching paint dry. If you have ever fantasized about making a homemade sex tape, you might as well know how best to go about it, don’t you think? Below are tips you can use to make the most tantalizing erotic footage to appease yourself and possible voyeurs. I suggest you stick around.

Pick the right co-star

This one is a sex tape golden rule; never let a total stranger film you. Some people can simply not be trusted with a sex tape. Just ask the thousands of women whose exes end up going public with their tapes. If you are feeling a little naughty and would like to record your romp, make sure it is with a person you implicitly trust. A verbal agreement will also come in handy: discuss how to go about it, who keeps the tape and such small issues before allowing the camera to roll.

Don’t rush

Making a sex tape is simply not a decision you take lightly anymore. I mean think about all the horror stories you’ve heard about account hacking and revenge porn. True, it is hard to anticipate what someone might become in future. Few victims of revenge porn thought their partners were sleazy and untrustworthy individuals but still went ahead to make a sex tape with them.

Only make a sex tape with someone you’d trust with your life. Don’t be pressured into it. Should you feel even the slightest gut feeling that something is amiss, just don’t go ahead. There is a lot of screwing going on when making a sex tape, but you don’t want to be figuratively screwed as well.

Get the right equipment

This one is another no brainer. Before you go about recording your amateur porn, better make sure you have a good video camera. You don’t want your sex tape to be some grainy crap, do you? Invest in a better camera than the shit you have on your computer. You can fetch a decent camcorder for less than $200.


A sex tape showing sex in the dark is pretty much useless. Getting the perfect lighting can be tricky; if there is too much light, you might find yourself exposing too many flaws you wish they remained invisible. On the other hand, little lighting requires night vision, which is not a very attractive proposition for homemade erotica. Your voyeurs want to feel like Peeping Toms who have been invited to see you having sex. Do it with the fucking lights on.  However, keep in mind that you are looking for enough lighting for the camera to pick up everything, but not too much to highlight every flaw.

Choose your wardrobe

You are making a sex video, but don’t start naked. Dress sexy for the occasion. For the men, this means NO old man boxers. Absolutely NO socks. If you are a bit overweight, DON’T put on a t-shirt. Show the world that fat people also have sex. For the ladies, this might be the opportunity to try out that new lingerie or the skin-tight outfit you only save for special occasions. In professional porn, you see the women dressing up for the shoot. It should be no different for a homemade sex tape (for both men and women).

Don’t overdo the sound

Just let the natural sounds of sex take over.  Some people are verbal in bed (I’ve met quite a handful), but you don’t want to be verbal to a point where it feels like an exaggeration.  This is one of the reasons voyeurs will watch your sex tape anyway.  They wanted to get away from the exaggeration that is mainstream porn. My advice?  Be your real sexual self throughout. You want your homemade erotica to look and sound as natural as possible.

What to do if it feels awkward

Truth be told, making a sex tape is intense. It’s therefore perfectly normal to feel nervous and awkward. To fight the uneasiness, you may have your partner take naughty pictures of you or take pictures of yourself in underwear and seek your partner’s input.  You can also start with the simple acts like kissing and touching before proceeding to the activities that make you feel vulnerable. You will be feeling more comfortable in front of the camera in no time.

Play the video

Once you are done with filming, watch the video.  The two of you may sit side by side, touching each other as you watch yourselves. After watching the sex tape a few times, I’d strongly recommend you delete it if you didn’t intend for it to end up in revenge pornography sites. The last thing you want is for your romp to end up in the wrong hands which is very much a possibility in this era.  Get rid of it for good if need be. Better safe than sorry.


With the above tips in mind, you should have a great homemade porn making experience.  It is all about the lights, camera, sex, and enjoyment. Go out and have fun.

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