How do you solve erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction aka impotence is a condition where a man is unable to achieve/maintain an erection during sex. It is a more common problem for men than many would like to imagine. And it’s not a preserved for the old folks; it’s equally a challenge for young and middle-aged men. The condition can be caused by many factors, among them relationship stress, some medication, alcohol, smoking, and drug use. As you would expect, many men judge themselves harshly when it comes to sexual performance. Failure to rise to the occasion, so to speak, can be an absolute nightmare for any man and understandably so.

Luckily, remedies for ED do exist. There are several options including surgery, implants, prescriptions, and the one most men prefer; natural remedies. Read on to know how you can get both your sexual desire and performance without risking the side effects of the blue pill.

Herbal viagra

Herbal Viagra, otherwise known as Ginseng, specifically “red ginseng” is a perfect remedy for your bedroom woes. It’s called red ginseng when the root has been steamed and dried. Remember the ginseng root is part of the plant that is commonly used in its supplement form. There is a catch though; the plant has to be grown for at least five years, but studies have shown that the herbal Viagra is indeed a perfect remedy for ED.


If you are looking to improve your sexual performances, the trick lies in something you can do; walk two miles. Walking, not running, for two miles on nature’s green earth has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of ED especially for the obese, or even reverse the effects of impotence. You see, obesity is a major causative factor for impotence, meaning a man with a 42-inch waist is likelier to get the condition compared to a 32-inch waist man. How about you get to a healthy weight and maintain that strategy?

Diet and lifestyle changes

How you live and eat can have an impact on your erection health. You may not even know it, but some of the things you consume are related to ED. Eating a balanced diet could do the trick for you. While you are unlikely to get ED from malnutrition, lacking a healthy meal can leave you with high cholesterol, which is a good playing ground for diabetes and high blood pressure which may translate to erection problems. Other lifestyle changes include quitting smoking, less alcohol intake and reducing stress levels.

Kegel exercise

Exercising the nether regions, otherwise known as Kegel exercises, is another remedy that can help men with ED regain their sexual prowess. The exercise helps promote sexual health and urinary consistency. Kegel exercises also help strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscle, which among other things, helps the penis to be filled with blood during an erection, pumps during ejaculation, and fully empty the urethra after urination.

Doing Kegel exercises, coupled with other lifestyle changes like losing weight, quitting smoking, and limiting your alcohol intake could be a perfect combination to get your erection back. Not too much to ask, is it?

Water melon juice

Did you know that a slice of watermelon can do more than just quench your thirst during the hot days of summer? Watermelon contains amino acids known as Citrulline that helps blood flow to the penis which we all know means an erection. Studies conducted on men who used the Citrulline supplement showed significant improvement to their erectile dysfunction and reported better sexual satisfaction. As a natural Viagra, watermelon is more stomach-friendly than a Viagra pill which is known to cause diarrhea and nausea. That should give you more motivation to grab that piece of melon this summer if at all you needed any.

Stop masturbating

This may come as a surprise to many, but watching a lot of porn and masturbating frequently can numb a man’s senses and increase the chances of getting ED. Porn provides more of the same sensations you get during sex, and this may affect your ability to achieve and keep an erection during real sex. You see, too much sexual stimulation is not good. It exposes the brain to larger doses of stimulation and each day you might require more extreme porn to get an erection. In a similar vein, men who frequently masturbate may struggle to achieve an erection during real sex. Gradually cutting off porn and masturbation from your life will help the brain normalize and may just be the remedy you are looking for to achieve and maintain that elusive erection.

Avoid stress

Stress can be a real sex killer. When stressed, the body produces energy and resources to the parts of the body that are critical to that situation. This leaves other parts of the body system that are not critical to the stress situation, for instance, the immune and reproductive systems, with little or no attention. When your reproductive system gets little resources from the body, achieving an erection becomes even harder.


Erectile dysfunction is a sexually active man’s worst enemy. The above remedies can help you get your erection back, naturally and permanently with no risk of side effects. Best of luck with that. You need it.

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