How I Met My Mother!

Even if we think that, in real life, incest is a sin and even if we judge people who are engaging in this kind of sexual intercourse, we must admit that we feel tickles when it comes to porn based on incest. We search for videos like mother and son, daughter and father and we watch them while fapping. It is interesting how our minds work and how dirty we can be in the corners of our head, don’t you think?

I’ve done a little bit of research and this graphic hit my eyes. Seeing it, you should understand how popular incest porn is. The word “mom” is present in the top 10 searches done in the last 7 years and in 2013, incest porn was the most popular niche on the giant called Pornhub.

I always admitted the fact that I have a thing for vintage porn and because of that, I have added two crazy categories on my website – Best Vintage Porn Sites and Vintage Porn Premium Sites. But did you knew that retro porn was rich in incest movies and scenes? There was a series called Taboo, with Kay Parker as main star. And she fucked her son in the movie. And she did it with so much joy. And the scene was so fucking hot, my dear God! Underneath, I have added a sample from that movie, to see exactly what I am talking about. So, to put it in some other simple words, I love incest porn and if you add a little bit of retro spirit in it, some natural big and hot tits, a little bit of bush on the pussies and some crazy mothers humping their sons, I am ready to send my girlfriend to her parents for a little while.

And in the end, let me tell you a little secret – I dated Kay Parker. Search the Internet and you will see …

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