How it is like dating a pornstar

Has that thought ever crossed your mind? Have you, in your wildest dreams, considered the possibility of you dating a pornstar? I bet you have. You must have felt quite intimidated by such a prospect. It takes a special breed of men to go home to a wife or girlfriend whose career revolves around sucking and riding gigantic dicks. What if your shaft is not anywhere near as huge? Well, clearly not all men are as intimidated as you are. Meet Mike Adkins, 32, who has been dating his world famous pornstar girlfriend, Allie Haze, 30, for the last four years.  I ThePornDude can only tell you how life has been like for the couple and why Mike is far from cowed.

He was nervous at first

A pornstar’s job is not your everyday job as a receptionist. It is a daunting prospect for any man to think that their wife wakes up every day to get fucked for money. Not Mike Adkins though. In fact, he confesses that the only thing that made him nervous was how he was going to break the news to his mother. I mean, how do you approach your mother to tell her you are dating a pornstar? I’m not sure my own mother would not be impressed too. This guy has got to have balls of steel. Fortunately for him, his mother didn’t have issues with it. Her only worry was if he had made her pregnant and she was relieved to find out he actually hadn’t.

Four years and counting

Well, believe it or not, the two have been dating for four years now. Apparently, they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. And far from it, Mike is not intimidated or jealous of his wife’s job. According to him, it would have been a concern if his wife were to tell him that she is going out on Friday night to go hang out with some guys. But now that he knows she does it for a living, he has no problem at all, which is even more commendable. How many men (or women for that matter) would not be jealous that their partners have sex on a daily basis with other people? I don’t know a lot, and I’m definitely not on that list. It takes someone special to do that.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is the fact that Mike never knew that his girlfriend was a pornstar when they first started dating. At first, he was shocked to find out before he acquainted himself with his girlfriend’s career choice.  But like Allie herself said, it is one thing knowing that your girlfriend is a pornstar and another getting to realize how popular and active she actually is all together. He surprisingly found it pretty cool.  He used to watch her videos in the first stages of the relationship, but as it progressed, he stopped. He probably realized he had the real thing right beside him.

8 Years in the porn industry

Allie Haze has been working in the porn industry for eight years. To break the figures down for you, she had been working as a pornstar for four years before they met. In between the years, she has featured in over 350 adult movies and won multiple awards in the process. Among the videos she has featured in include Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody where she plays a sexually explicit Princess Leia. Mike has had some reservations about some of the scenes his girlfriend participates in, but he claims a relationship cannot be based on either party’s career. Hard to disagree.

Like you would expect of someone who has worked in the porn industry for that long, she is quite good in bed. Mike himself confesses that she is one of the most adventurous partners he has ever had. No wonder he doesn’t bother watching her videos. As for Allie, she assumes people think they have massive orgies in their bedroom. While she stops short of confessing that, she admits their sex life is quite good. Otherwise she wouldn’t be with him.  To me, that’s just a polite way of admitting that they get quite adventurous. I guess dating a pornstar isn’t a very bad idea after all!

Grateful to have him

Like you may have guessed, a female pornstar can be quite hard to handle. Allie confesses the same, claiming that sometimes she can be ‘too much to handle.’ The more grounded Mike is all she needed in her life after a long day at ‘work.’ She says she loves him so much and doesn’t know how she would be coping with the rigors of her career without him.  Having sex with both women and men as a career can be quite draining. But I guess none of us can relate.


Am hoping you reconsidered your sharp criticism of this relationship.  I mean, after the information I’ve just passed to you, would you reconsider your stance and actually date a pornstar? I’ll leave that for you to decide. If you are the jealous type, I suggest you stick to your normal girlfriends and watch your imaginary pornstar girlfriend on your PC or wherever.

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