How long does an average man last in bed

Today ThePornDude seeks to answer one question that not many people get to talk about. That question is, how long does the average man last in bed? After watching too much smut, there is an added burden for men to last longer in bed. It has forced men who feel like they don’t last long enough to feel very ashamed of themselves. Today, you get to know how many minutes are enough and how many are a tad too few. I understand some men last a minute or two in bed in what the medical practitioners like to refer to as premature ejaculation. That, however, is a discussion for another day.

Not a straightforward task

It is not an easy task to measure the average time to an ejaculation and asking people how long they last. Well, it is not as straightforward as it sounds. First, there is a tendency with men to exaggerate how long they can last in bed because there is an expectation that a man should last late into the night. No man wants to appear weak. The second problem is few people actually know how long they last. You see, sex is not something you will do as you monitor a bedside clock and measuring time unassisted especially in the middle of an intense lovemaking session is the hardest thing to do. I’m sure men can relate.

What has research established?

Some researchers conducted a study to establish just how long men last in bed. This study involved 500 couples from around the world over a four week period. Believe it or not, these couples timed how long they lasted using a stopwatch, weird, right? It actually got more awkward. The couple were supposed to press ‘start’ immediately after vaginal penetration and then ‘stop’ at ejaculation. How that was not going to dampen the mood is beyond my comprehension.

We all agree that timing yourself while having sex is not ideal and may not reflect the natural flow of things. But science was never meant to be perfect. The results of the study were quite striking because of their huge amount of variation. In the four weeks, it took to complete the study; it was established that sex lasted between 33 seconds to 44 minutes. The average time across all the couples was 5 minutes and 4 seconds. The majority of men lasted between 4-11 minutes. Another interesting fact was that sex was shorter among older couples, which is contrary to prevailing wisdom peddled around by older men that older people last longer.

Penile sensitivity

Another prevailing wisdom to be shattered by the study is that wearing a condom or being (un)circumcised can affect how long one lasts in bed. Men have believed for the longest time that a condom removes penile sensitivity and feelings, therefore, affecting an individual’s ability to maintain an erection.  Men who cite the use of condoms as a barrier to maintaining an erection are most likely suffering from general erectile dysfunction. Whether they use a condom or not is neither here nor there.

Average of 5 minutes is good

Well, depending with where you come from, (the study established that men from Turkey actually last on average 3.7 minutes), if you last 5 minutes on average, then you are good my friend. Do not let the guys you watch in porn videos deceive you. There is no way you are going to continue thrusting for like a whole day. However, if you last between 1-2 minutes, that’s too short, and you probably need to seek medical advice. 3-7 minutes is described as desirable while anything between 10-30 minutes is deemed ‘too long,’ which to me sounds a bit strange. Anything over 10 minutes is both ideal and unusual.

Slow things down

Did you know that you can slow down things a little by honing your jerking skills? If you don’t ThePornDude is here for you, gentlemen. You can practice this through what is called ejaculatory inhibition (delayed ejaculation) which will help you last longer in bed. Additionally, you may want to switch positions during sex and adjust the momentum and patterns of your thrusts in which case you might surpass the 18-minute mark that all legitimately normal people never fail to achieve.

Why does sex last long anyway?

I know this sounds a bit crazy but why does sex last long at all? If the whole idea of sex is to deposit sperms into the vagina, why not dip in and out and get it done with, go grab some lemonade and continue with the rest of the day?  Because it’s fun and enjoyable you think? Well, food is also enjoyable to eat, but I don’t remember chewing every mouthful for five minutes before swallowing. The simple answer is that evolution designed it to be like that in order to give the swimming sperms a better chance of reaching the egg. The fun part is simply secondary. So, what should you do with this information? I suggest you don’t even think about it during your thrusts of passion.

Be adventurous

Do you have a desire to have lengthier sex? Of course, you have. Then you need to take it beyond the basics. Be open to some adventure. This includes oral sex and masturbation which will make you have a longer session than just engaging in vaginal sex. The more flexible you are as a couple, the longer you will last in bed. For sure it doesn’t get better than that.


So there you have it, good people. An average man can last five minutes in bed; now it’s upon you to know which side of the fence you sit and what you can do to improve your situation (if need be). I’ll leave you to think about that.

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