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How Many People Were Actually Allowed To Vote In The APAC Officer Election

APAC, not to be confused with the scam porn union APAG, recently held their officer elections.   The only people who were allowed to vote in the election were members of APAC.  If you wanted to vote, all you needed to do was join APAC. Seems pretty simple. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple, see APAC didn’t approve memberships while voting was going on, at least not all memberships.

I know of at least 4 people who, as of the end of voting still hadn’t been allowed to join APAC. This most likely is the current officers way of controlling who’s gonna run APAC once they’ve left. When the voter roll is between 20 and 30, 5 or 6 new people can swing an election. APAC, has turned into APAG, you will never really see a change in leadership, it will just go from one BFF to another…

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