How Old Do I Look – Pornstar Edition

How Old Do I Look - Pornstar Edition

A recent demo that was being prepared for Microsoft’s Build2015 Developer Conference has also delighted many this past week in the form of a new and engaging app called How Old Do I Look. This app is designed to evaluate a photo and determine age and gender of anyone featured in that photo.  There’s some real technical magic at work with this app and the developers felt it was a good way to draw global attention and showcase new possibilities.

We took it upon ourselves to put the How Old Do I Look app to the test in a special Pornstar Edition!

Below you can see a selection of porn starlets evaluated by this new app.  How accurate will it be when it comes to determining pornstar ages? Will it get their genders right?  Hold on to your hats as we’re about to make some of porn’s most notable stars either very happy or very angry with us!  Remember this technology is still being developed but that won’t stop us from having some fun!

Lexi Belle

This sexy porn starlet from Louisiana has certainly made a name for herself in the adult industry. Lexi Belle has won a wide range of awards including Best New Web Starlet in 2010 and Best Boy/Girl Scene in 2012. You’ve probably enjoyed her “hard work” in titles like “The Bombshells 3” and “Batman XXX: A Porn Parody”.

Lexi Belle - How Old Do I Look?

How Old Do I Look Results: Female, 27

The Facts: Lexi Bell is in fact a female and is 27 years old These results were bang on! Even when she has a cock in her face the app can identify her age with accuracy!

Tori Black

Tori Black is one hot piece of ass! She was named Penthouse Pet of the Month in December of 2008 and she won the AVN Female Performer of the Year in both 2010 and 2011. You may remember Tori from adult titles such as “Field of Schemes 5” and “All Girls Do It”.

Tori Black - How Old Do I Look?

How Old Do I Look Results: Female, 33

The Facts: Tori Black is female as the app shows, but she is 26 years old currently. Wow, this app was considerably off this time around.  Maybe a happy, cock-hungry face makes people look older. I certainly don’t see it but we’ll need to conduct more research.

Dylan Ryder

Dylan Ryder comes from Fresno California and has proven herself as a very capable and very busty porn starlet.  You can buy a Fleshlight modeled after her anatomy and you probably recognize her from XXX titles like “This Ain’t Cougar Town XXX” and the “Keeping It Up For the KardASSians” series. She’s been nominated for countless industry awards and now she’s put to the test on How Old Do I Look!

Dylan Rider - How Old Do I Look

How Old Do I Look Results: Female, 31

The Facts: We are glad the How Old Do I Look App recognized Dylan as a women…was it the big round titties?  In this case the app was kind to Dylan, her actual age is 34.  Maybe her “O” face is age defying! Either way she’s looking good!

Jennifer White

Jennifer White has certainly turned some heads in the porn world.  She has an innocent look but can quickly show why she can hold her own against legends in XXX.  She’s been featured in many of’s exclusive video channels including Whale Tailin’ and many more.

Jennifer White - How Old Do I Look

How Old Do I Look Results: Female, 27

The Facts: We have another winner! Jennifer White is in fact 27 years of age at the time of this post so the app was accurate.  Plus we see that a ball sack in close proximity does not alter the results!

Lisa Ann

This sexy MILF knows how to work it.  She’s been around for a bit now and you may remember her for her bang on impression of a naughty Sarah Palin (or in this case Serra Paylin) in “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin”. She’s also worked behind the camera as a director and launched her own production company in 2013. Lisa Ann has also publicly spoken out concerning piracy of XXX content.

Lisa Ann - How Old Do I Look

How Old Do I Look Results: Female, 27

The Facts: Lisa Ann is actually 42.  She’s an honest-to-god MILF and I think we just made her day.

Gianna Michaels

This busty vixen from Seattle has won a bunch of adult industry awards including Best Group Sex Scene in 2007 and the Unsung Starlet of the Year in 2008. Maybe you’ve seen her in “Big Wet Asses 15” but Gianna Michaels has also worked in the mainstream with cameos and other appearances.

Gianna Michaels - How Old Do I Look

How Old Do I Look Results: Female, 29

The Facts: Gianna is 31 years old at the time of this post, so in all fairness the How Old Do I Look app was not too far off. It seems she can’t help looking young and rejuvenated when she’s riding on a thick cock.

Kota Skye/ Dakota Skye

Dakota Skye changed her stage name to simply “Kota” earlier this year. This very sexy and very flexible pornstar is new to the porn world but has already been nominated for Best New Starlet in 2015 by both AVN and XBIZ.  You may have witnessed this little cutie in titles like “From Both Ends 2” and “Young & Glamorous 6”. So what did How Old Do I Look have to say about her?

Dakota Skye - How Old Do I Look

How Old Do I Look Results: Female, 31

The Facts: Kota’s results certainly show when you use this app you want to select the best photo.  Kota is actually 21 year old at the time of this post. That is a huge difference!  Maybe the huge cock resting on her in this pic messed with the app’s logic circuits!

Sophie Dee

Originally from England, this sexy British bird will excite you in new ways! Sophie Dee been featured in over 450 movies and during her career has enhanced her amazing tits a couple of times now measuring in at a substantial 36DDD.

Sophie Dee - How Old Do I Look

How Old Do I Look Results: Female, 29

The Facts: Yes, Sophie certainly is a woman there is absolutely no denying that fact.  She is currently 31 years of age so the How Old Do I Look app was pretty close to the mark.  The sexy look she is giving us in this photo probably helps.

So each and every time we see the app can identify gender with 100% accuracy. As for age? Well there are still a few bugs to work out.

Have you tried the How Old Do I Look App?  You can upload any photo or enter a public url of an image and try for yourself. What did you think of our results?  Does the existence of How Old Do I Look bring us one step closer to a dark future not unlike the one forged by Cyberdine in the Terminator Series?  Based on our results, their targeting is still a bit off!

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