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How regular sex life betters your health

We all know that sex has certain health benefits. It’s always great to wake up in the morning after a night of love, feeling refreshed and full of energy. Why is this happening? Why does sexual satisfaction give us positive emotions and improve our health? And why does a long abstinence or sex without an orgasm have a harmful effect? Let’s try to find this out. If you also wanna know how to talk to Russian ladies, this knowledge about sex may also come in handy.

Sex as gymnastics

A couple of hours of sex with different positions feel like a tough workout at the gym. Of course, the one who moves more ends up much more tired. During active frictional movements, the heart starts working faster; the body uses more energy, which means that the fat cells burn actively. Sex makes pelvis, chest, buttocks, and hands muscles work harder.

Besides, the body starts producing serotonin, giving us a feeling of satiation and relaxation, just like after a delicious dinner. In addition, sex requires flexibility from both partners. Therefore, it serves as a preventive maintenance of joints diseases and develops elasticity of ligaments.


Sex and the nervous system

Sex significantly improves your emotional state, and even more, it can heal from depression. However, protected sex doesn’t have this remarkable effect. Of course, only regular partners can have sex without a condom. But in this case, a man will give his woman a hormone called prostaglandin, which can make her calm and balanced. And a woman will share her estrogens, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Sex can calm you down

Have you ever noticed that a woman forced to abstain from sex for a long time becomes aggressive, angry, shouts at people more often, and becomes difficult to communicate with in general. But as soon as she finds harmony in sex life, she becomes quiet and kind to others. It’s all about hormones. When accumulating in the body, these hormones, unable to get into blood during orgasm, are looking for a way out in some other way. Regular sexual life gives us relaxation, so we can easily stay calm in a difficult moment, suppress aggression, and enjoy life.

There’s another hormone produced during sex – endorphin, the hormone of joy. This natural drug gives us a feeling of euphoria during orgasm and after sex. The more endorphins are in the blood, the stronger our immunity. So sex is a natural defender against disease.

Sex as a painkiller

Have you ever noticed that during sex, the pain just goes away? The fact is that making love provokes the production of the hormone called oxytocin, which has an anesthetic effect. So, if a woman says that she won’t have sex with you because of a headache – it’s most likely, just an unfortunate excuse, because, after a good sex, the headache will stop. If you can’t sleep because of pain, sex is the best medicine. Regular sex helps maintain oxytocin levels high, and this lowers the natural pain threshold.

The lifespan of men directly depends on the frequency and regularity of sexual activity. Those men, who have sex at least once a week after 45, live much longer.

Could there be too much sex?

It’s difficult to draw an unambiguous conclusion, as this, first of all, depends on the individual characteristics of each person. A woman can "sustain" a lot of sexual acts in a short time, and this will not make her tired, but, on the contrary, will give strength. Men are different.

A man needs time to regain strength after sex. And it directly depends on his physical abilities. Hardy men are able to quickly recover and be ready for another “run” in a couple of minutes. For others, sex brings only fatigue.

Therefore, try to find a compromise between your needs and partners desires, and then the harmony of your sex life will better your health.

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