How They Make Cinematic Sex Scenes

In porn, making the sex scenes is quite easy. Everyone just strips and then gets their groove on for real. Actual orgasms take place and real sex happens. However, when there is a sexy movie that isn’t a porn movie on the screen, you can bet that the sex isn’t real, no matter how realistic it looks. How do they make the fake magic happen? It’s not all that sexy, but it sure is interesting.

Frame by Frame has made a video detailing just how sex scenes get enacted and it’s really pretty straightforward. Ever since the first sex scene was made back in the 1920s, film makers have relied on extreme closeups, usually of the woman’s face or body, in order to portray sex. Sometimes these closeups have gotten a little innuendo put into them, such as in the movie 9 1/2 Weeks when Bruce Willis is squirting the honey onto his lover’s long tongue. Doesn’t that illicit images of something else squirting onto an open and willing face?

For the actors in sex scenes in mainstream movies, the experience is usually awkward to say the least. You would probably get turned on in such a situation where you’re rubbing junk with someone who is super hot. For the actual act of fucking, there are all sorts of different tricks that can be used. Some actors put pillows in between their pelvises, and others use prosthesis. If you’re going to be on top in a mainstream movie, you had better do some push ups or pull ups to get your muscles looking awesome.

According to some of the hottest directors around, it’s best to let the sexual action unfold naturally. Hopefully there will be some chemistry between the actors which will get captured on screen. Most actors don’t want to be fully nude and some will have a cover or a patch over their junk which makes it easy for the editors to add special effects like pubic hair over later. In the Fifty Shades of Grey movie it is rumored that Dakota Johnson who plays the main character had a butt double!

Wouldn’t it just be easier if sexy films had real sex in them? It seems producers and directors go a long way to simulate sex acts when there are plenty of ready and willing pornstars who would be more than happy to jump in the place of these prudish actors and have the real thing on camera for fun. Most people wonder if actors having real sex would improve the quality of R rated movies or not. I fall strictly on the side of yes, but that’s just because I love watching porn so much!

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