How to be Sex Toy Tester – Advance Guide (2019)

Becoming a sex toy tester sounds too good to be true right.

If you are also searching for how to become a sex toy tester in 2019, then you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you in a step-by-step manner how to join sex toy testers army and how to find a sex toy tester job.

Before i move forward, let me give you some important information

If you are thinking of becoming a sex toy tester and are interested in making it a full time living then let me give you some spoiler alerts. No, its really difficult to make this a full time profession.

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Trust me sex toy tester jobs look fancy and easy, but there will be times when you will not be in the mood but still you have to finish the job.

If you are a camgirl or are thinking of becoming a webcam model, then this an be an additional revenue source for you. In any case you have to use sex toys for your camshows, so this way you will make money and might also get free sex toys (as these companies give away samples for reviews)​. Check our step-by-step guide on becoming a camgirl

ok enough of nonsense, give me the exact steps for becoming a sex toy tester

How to become a sex toy tester – Steps revealed

there are multiple ways to become a sex toy tester, here i have listed the best ones

#1. Start an adult/sex Blog​

Yes its that simple. See companies are looking for sex toy tester because they are looking for honest reviews and also want to tap into the audience of the tester/reviewer.

if you start a blog and garner a good following, then companies will themselves approcach you to write a review of their product​.

sex toy tester jobs

For example: dangerouslilly.com  is one such blog where she reviews sex toys in a comprehensive manner. By doing this she is driving tons of traffic from google and she makes money through affiliate marketing. also she gets free sex toys as now companies are approaching her because she has become so popular

After you have a decent following then you can also directly call these sex toys sellers/sex toys manufacturers and tell them about your blog/website and the people who are influenced by you on a monthly basis.

Companies are launching new products everyday and they need to get marketing for them. By doing sex toy reviews you are doing cheap promotion and marketing of these companies and hence they will be happy to hire you as a sex toy tester for their companies products.​

Become happy: Most of the times companies will not ask for the product back, you get to keep it as well. See double benefit for you.

Now see i have an adult related blog, so if i decide to hire a camgirl who is willing to review sex toys for me (which is my plan for 2019) then companies will be happy to send me products, why because i already have a name in adult space.

#2. Open Sex related youtube channel​

Talk about sex and gain an audience in this field. By doing sex toy reviews you will get attention of the big names and they will be happy to send you products for review.

Now i understand that the niche being “sex” or “adult” related you might not be comfortable showing your face (if you are then opening a youtube channel might be a great idea). I can alsready see many companies doing sex toy reviws.

Pro tip: if you can get a good audience on your youtube channel then you can also make money from youtube ads and affiliate marketing (sending your audience to sex toy using affiliate link so if they purchase you will get a commission as well). Double benefit for you.​

#3. Find companies yourself in classifieds

how to become a sex toy tester

Sex toy companies are always receiving hundreds of sex toys from various manufacturers. Now they need honest opinions form people who are their target audience so that if they decide to launch that product people love it. Its more like testing before launching.

You can find such sex toy tester job opportunities on ​classifieds, social media (of these sex toy companies), sex toy forums, or you can directly email these companies with your pitch of being interested in becoming a sex toy tester for them.

Although after contacting few sex toy companies i have found out that the trend is changing. Instead of using the audience they are testing the products through their own staff.

Many companies are relying on their staff and other members of the company to test the product in the comfort of their home in their free time. Although this is not strictly legal but even the employees are happy to test the product​

Precautions for Sex toy testers

Since it is associated with private parts you need to be caustioous of few things as a sex toy tester.

sex toy tester job
  • Stay wary of Phthalates: This is used to make the toys flexible. If used in larger quantities that can have severe affect on your body and your fertility. They are banned in Childrens toys (just 0.1%) but are in quantities of 50% in sex toys.
  • Being safe: See although sex toys does not have any sharp edge or something, but they can cause you an injury. You can overstimulate your clitoris, the penis rings might constrict blood flow, you might harm body tissue with a dildo or anal beeds. Also make sure the size of the sex toy and your capacity to handle are in sync. Such small incidents can have a drastic impact so be safe.

Sex toy tester jobs security

The future and security of job are nice. People are slowly and steadily becoming more aware of sex toys and how they can spice up their sex life. This is leading to an exponential adoption of sex toys, and this is why sex toy industry is witnessing massive growth.

So you will get a lot of work and an amazing source of passive income if your decide to become a sex toy tester.​

Life of a sex toy reviewer for money

You are making money from the comfort of your home. Every week you will receive box full of sex toys for you to review. So you will be surrounded by sex toys and you can then make money by testing them.

I hope i was able to give you all the information related to how to become a sex toy tester.

This job or dildo tester or adult toy tester will easily help you make a professional sex toy tester (a good title right :D).By becoming a sex toy reviewer you will be easily generating a decent passive income and if you have a soft corner for sex toys then it will like making money while you masturbate :D​

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